Medical Genius Chapter 1340

 The prince glanced at him disdainfully, "Fifth Master Xue?"

                "Heh, coincidentally, I happened to be having lunch with Fifth Master Xue at noon."

                "Fifth Master Xue said that the Feng family in Guang Province has gone too far this time."

                "The atmosphere over here in Guang Province, it's time to change."

                The faces of the ten great family masters changed instantly.

                With these words, the Fifth Master Xue was telling them that he was supporting the Crown Prince and Lin Mo!

                The crowd looked at Wang Qingyun in unison.

                Wang Qingyun's face was ironic, he had not expected that things would come to this point.

                Wang Qingyun gritted his teeth and said, "Although Fifth Master Xue is the King of the Southern Realm, this is, after all, a matter for our Guang Province and belongs to our family affairs, it is not quite appropriate for Fifth Master Xue to interfere!"

                Prince: "Don't worry, Fifth Master Xue doesn't have the time to bother with this mess of yours."

                "However, Lin Mo is my brother, his business is my business."

                "I'll help him, that's no problem, right?"

                Wang Qingyun's face soothed slightly as he looked at Lin Mo with cold eyes, "Heh, what a surprise."

                "After Nanba Tian left, you actually found the Sea City Poison Spider as a backer again?"

                "However, Lin Mo, if you want to take over everything left behind by Nanba Tian, that is something that you have to do with your own strength."

                "If you don't have this strength, you only know how to fox the tiger."

                "Heh, we in Guang Province, no one will obey you!"

                The prince was annoyed and was just about to speak, but Lin Mo reached out to stop him.

                "You want to see my strength? You can!"

                "Didn't you find thirteen gold medal assassins?"

                "Come on, let them all go together!"

                "Today, if I die here, then everything in Guangyang City will be yours!"

                The ten great family heads were all overjoyed.

                Lin Mo glanced at them and coldly picked up, "But, if I win by a fluke ......"

                Wang Qingyun said directly, "If you win, then, from tonight onwards, all of Guang Province will be honoured by you!"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, "Good!"

                "Wang Qingyun, you still have some gumption!"

                "Then let's talk based on our ability!"

                Wang Qingyun: "Lin Mo, you've already earned my respect for having the gumption to take on these thirteen gold medal assassins!"

                "It's just a pity, young man, having hot blood doesn't mean strength."

                "You alone, want to defeat these thirteen gold medal killers? Hehe, it's as hard as climbing up the mountain!"

                The prince also approached Lin Mo's side and said urgently in a low voice, "Lin Mo, you ...... don't be impulsive!"

                "I have brought so many people to help you, to deal with these thirteen gold medal assassins, that's not difficult at all."

                "Even, it's no problem to try to kill these old pipsqueaks!"

                "But, it would be difficult for you to fight them alone."

                "Didn't I tell you, these thirteen Gold Medal Assassins, there are three of them, who are no stronger than Qin Wuyi!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly and shook his head.

                Seriously, if it was just to kill these ten family heads, it would be too easy.

                But the problem was that killing them wouldn't convince them, but would instead attract hatred and revenge.

                Doing that, he didn't know how long it would take him to swallow Guang Province alone.

                The best way to do that was to beat them into submission all at once.

                To show them that he had the strength to hold on to the South Bastard's foundation and the ability to ask for the title of Guang Province!

                Defeating these thirteen gold medal killers was Lin Mo's best chance.

                "Clan Master Wang, invite those thirteen gold medal assassins out!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                Immediately, Wang Qingyun had the thirteen Gold Medal Assassins invited out, after which they all exited this room.

                The battlefield was in this room, and they didn't want to be affected by it.

                The prince stood outside, looking at the closed door of the room, and could not help but be filled with anxiety.

                Although Lin Mo's strength was strong, it was a little difficult to take on a single Qin Wuyi.

                Now, one person was fighting against so many people, three of whom were comparable to Qin Wu Pardon, how could they still fight?