Medical Genius Chapter 1338

 This time, even Sun Ke was dumbfounded.

                If it was just the Dong family head present, she wouldn't have cared too much.

                After all, the Dong Family was the one that had taken over from the Huo Family and was newly promoted to be a member of the Ten Great Families.

                The Dong Family did not have a high status in the Ten Great Families and was not strong enough, so she did not even put the Dong Family in her eyes.

                However, now that all the heads of the ten great families had come down to greet Lin Mo, that was a serious problem.

                At least, Lin Mo was not an existence that she could mess with!

                As for the three of them, Xu Changchang simply trembled in fear, not even daring to speak.

                Never in their wildest dreams did they expect such a thing to happen!

                Wang Qingyun and the others walked over with smiles on their faces.

                "Mr. Lin, we walked a little slower, so we came down late."

                "Please forgive me if I've offended you!"

                Several other people also apologised, except that each one had a different expression.

                Among them, the Feng family head's eyes were particularly angry, after all, his son had died at Lin Mo's hands.

                Lin Mo glanced at them and said in a cold voice, "Sorry, I'm a person who is known to be vengeful."

                "Since you guys know that you have offended, you should take care of it and come back to talk to me."

                "There are some things that can't be solved with just a few apologies!"

                Wang Qingyun couldn't help but be embarrassed, to put it bluntly, Lin Mo was trying to get him to punish these youngsters from the Ten Great Families.

                He now regretted a little, why he didn't just invite Lin Mo upstairs at that time.

                He had also wanted to engage in underhandedness, and now it was himself who was suffering instead.

                He was silent for a moment and suddenly said, "Drag those security guards out of here and break their hands and feet for me!"

                "Eyeless things, how dare you disrespect our honoured guests, damn you!"

                A group of people rushed up aggressively and dragged the security captain and the others out.

                The security captain and the others were all dumbfounded, Wang Qingyun was clearly trying to make them take the blame.

                Lin Mo glanced at Wang Qingyun, "Master Wang, you're really shrewd."

                "Letting a few security guards take the blame for those fops from the Ten Families?"

                "Heh, with your attitude towards doing things, I think, we don't need to talk anymore!"

                Wang Qingyun's face was cold, and he wanted to get angry on the spot.

                However, thinking about the purpose of this time, he eventually swallowed his anger.

                "Someone, find those Ten Great Families' sons and daughters who insulted Mr. Lin just now as well."

                "Slap them one by one!"

                Wang Qingyun roared.

                The Ten Great Families crowd looked at each other in disbelief, and those fops behind them were confused.

                They really couldn't understand just how capable Lin Mo was that the family heads of the ten great families had to help him like this?

                Lin Mo found a chair and sat down, "Master of the Wang family, then I'll have to look at it clearly here."

                "Lest you wrong good people!"

                Wang Qingyun's face was blue, but in the end, he could only grit his teeth and wave his hand, signalling for his men to start going to slap those dudes.

                These people pulled out the surveillance and caught all those dudes who had just spoken, and really brought them to the side and slapped their mouths in public.

                Including Sun Ke, who was also pulled to the side and beaten until her mouth bled.

                She cried out and begged her father to save her, but the Sun family head just kept his head down and didn't say a word.

                The big picture was at stake, who could spoil more important things for the sake of these little children's face?

                Half an hour later, all these fops, were cleaned up.

                Sun Ke was the most miserable, after all, it was because of her, both sides of her face were swollen, and it was estimated that the swelling would not go down for another ten days and a half months.

                At this moment, Lin Mo walked up to her and looked at her in a condescending manner, "I told you a long time ago that you couldn't afford this consequence, but you didn't believe me!"

                "Now, do you believe it?"

                Sun Ke was extremely ashamed and indignant, yet there was nothing she could do.

                Lin Mo moved up to her ear and whispered, "There is a reason for injustice."

                "Who should you seek revenge from, think for yourself."

                After saying that, Lin Mo raised his head and left.

                Sun Ke looked fiercely at the three of them, Xu Changchang!

                This matter, it was because of the three of them!