Medical Genius Chapter 1337

 Upstairs, the top brass of the ten families were indeed staring down at the situation below.

                Originally, they had indeed wanted to use the young man below to give Lin Mo a head start first.

                No one had expected that Lin Mo would be so unconventional and fight directly.

                Looking at their own children below who were being beaten to the point of wolfish howls, these family heads were shivering in anger.

                "Savage, violent!"

                "How can there be such people!"

                "It's abominable!"

                A family head yelled in anger.

                "What now?"

                "Should we send someone down to stop him?"

                Another family head yelled.

                All eyes looked towards Wang Qingyun, the leader of the ten clans, who was at the innermost part of the crowd.

                Wang Qingyun slowly shook his head, "Send someone down to stop them and invite Lin Mo up."

                The crowd all froze, and the Feng family head said sharply, "Wang family head, just ...... let it go like that?"

                "How many of us have been injured by the fuss he made down there!"

                "Shouldn't this be done first by cleaning him up?"

                "And invite him up here, won't that make him think we're afraid of him?"

                Wang Qingyun glanced at him, "So what?"

                "Just rip him apart outside and fight him?"

                "If we drive him away, how can we still negotiate then?"

                The other nine family heads looked at each other, but in the end, they could only choose to agree.

                They immediately sent a man down to stop the melee.

                This person was the family head of the Dong Family, one of the ten great families.

                As soon as the crowd saw the Dong Family Head come down, they gathered around and cried out to him, begging him to do justice and clean up Lin Mo.

                The Dong family head smiled and said, "Aiya, everyone, misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding."

                "This Mr. Lin, he didn't just slip in, he is indeed an honoured guest that our ten families have joined together to invite!"

                At these words, the entire crowd was shocked beyond belief.

                Everyone looked at Lin Mo with dumbfounded eyes, and even the three people in the distance, Xu Chang Yuan, were directly dumbfounded.

                Who could have imagined that Lin Mo was really invited by the Ten Great Families together?

                Sun Ke was unconvinced, "Uncle Dong, have you made a mistake?"

                "This kid, is just a little yakuza from Guangyang City, you ...... all joined together to invite him?"

                The Dong family head frowned slightly, "Xiao Ke, I personally signed it, do you think this will be wrong?"

                Sun Ke suddenly stuttered, and then said unconvincingly, "But then, he can't beat someone up!"

                "Look what he's done to us!"

                The others all rallied around and shouted.

                The Dong family head looked embarrassed as he waved his hand, "Let's leave this matter aside for now."

                "We are looking for Mr. Lin, there are more important matters."

                "Mr. Lin, why don't we go upstairs first?"

                Lin Mo shook his head straight away, "There's no need to go upstairs."

                "Since the Ten Great Families have invited me here, then they must give me the respect I deserve!"

                "Those nine old pipsqueaks didn't even come down and only sent you alone, that's not even putting me in their sights!"

                "If that's the case, then let's not talk about it!"

                After saying that, Lin Mo turned around and was about to leave.

                The Dong family head was anxious, and he hurriedly stopped Lin Mo.

                "Mr. Lin, this ...... this is really embarrassing."

                "All of you are actually waiting upstairs."

                "How about I ...... I say sorry for them, for you, and let's go upstairs first?"

                Lin Mo simply ignored it and walked straight out.

                The Dong family master's face changed, if Lin Mo walked out, then everything the ten families had prepared tonight would be in vain ah.

                Just then, a voice came from the stairway, "Mr. Lin, please stay!"

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see Wang Qingyun walking out of the stairway together with several other family heads.

                These people, all a little out of breath, looked like they had run all the way down.

                The crowd was shocked, the family heads of the ten families had all come down to greet Lin Mo?