Medical Genius Chapter 1336

 At these words, the whole room was shocked.

                Everyone gathered around and stared at the invitation in unison.

                The security chief also opened his eyes wide and looked over.

                On that invitation, there were ten names written in full, and they were the heads of the ten families!

                Everyone was frozen, they had never seen anything like it before.

                It was only after a while that a man suddenly burst out laughing, "Ouch, I'm laughing my ass off!"

                "It's the first time I've seen such a botched forgery!"

                "If you're being faked, at least find a family invitation to fake it."

                "That's good of you, putting the names of all ten family heads on it?"

                "What, you're worried that people won't find out that you're faking this, huh?"

                Hearing this, the originally shocked crowd all burst into laughter.

                Every year, the Ten Great Families would invite some people to visit the gathering.

                However, no matter how high the person's status was, there could only be one family invited.

                On the invitation, there was only one name, and this had been the rule for so many years.

                But on Lin Mo's invitation, there were ten names of family heads, so this was clearly a fake!

                The crowd laughed and even the security guards were laughing.

                In the distance, Xu Chang Yuan and the three of them were laughing so hard that tears were coming out of their eyes.

                "This kid, he's a fool!"

                "That's really, really funny."

                "Is he coming to the provincial capital to make a fool of himself?"

                Just as the crowd was laughing wildly, Lin Mo spoke up quietly, "There are ten names on this invitation, and that's because only the ten clans combined together could invite me!"

                At these words, the crowd around them once again burst into wild laughter.

                Everyone felt that Lin Mo was bragging because, in their opinion, this was simply impossible.

                The security chief pointed directly at Lin Mo: "Aiya, I originally thought you were just a thief."

                "Now I realise I was wrong, you're a fucking idiot!"

                "Only the Ten Great Families combined together to invite you?"

                "Who the hell do you think you are?"

                "Guangyang City, you're Nanba Tian, huh?"

                Sun Ke, on the other hand, simply waved his hand, "Ouch, ouch, my stomach hurts from laughing, I just can't laugh anymore."

                "Captain, hurry up and get rid of him, don't make a fool of yourself here."

                "How can such a jumping clown come out of our top ten families' gathering?"

                The security captain smiled and waved his hand, "Fine."

                "Brothers, drag him to the security room for me, don't stay here to affect everyone's mood!"

                Those security guards surrounded them in a row, and some of them had already grabbed Lin Mo's clothes.

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed as he vaguely sensed that there were people upstairs staring at the scene below.

                It was illogical that not a single person from the top ten families had shown up after such a big incident down there.

                From this, it could be seen that the top brass of the Ten Great Families, too, did want to give him a head start, ah.

                The Hongmen Banquet had basically started from the moment he entered the door.

                Thinking of this, Lin Mo also stopped talking nonsense.

                He suddenly backhanded that security guard's wrist and twisted it with his hand, directly dislocating his wrist.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo rushed to the Sun family's few people.

                First, he slapped a young man across the face, and he flew out directly, bleeding from his mouth and fainting on the spot.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo slapped several other members of the Sun family, sending them all flying, except for Sun Ke, who escaped in time.

                The crowd at the scene erupted, and the dudes howled for Lin Mo's death.

                Lin Mo was not polite either, he rushed into the crowd and caught these dudes and beat them up.

                As for the security guards, in Lin Mo's eyes, they were just like a decoration and could not stop him at all.

                This time, Lin Mo did not show any mercy in his strikes.

                Since the Ten Families were going to give him a downward spiral, he had to return the favour!