Medical Genius Chapter 1335

 Sun Ke pointed at Lin Mo: "Here, it's that trash from Guangyang City."

                "I don't know how he slipped in, sneaky, like a thief."

                "We stopped him and he even struck out and hurt someone."

                "Look how he beat up my brother!"

                As soon as the security chief heard that it was someone from Guangyang City, he took no notice of it.

                He swaggered up to Lin Mo, looked him up and down, and spat disdainfully.

                "Kid, come with us!"

                The security captain said smugly.

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "On what grounds?"

                The security captain sneered, "On the basis that I'm in charge of the security here!"

                "I now suspect that you slipped in without an invitation, just to steal something!"

                Lin Mo directly held out an invitation letter, "This is my invitation letter, do you need to check it?"

                The security chief snatched it away without looking at it, and threw it directly to the person next to him.

                "What's the point of checking this?"

                "Every year when the top ten families in Guang Province gather, there will be many trash like you who create fake invitations to slip in."

                "I've seen too many of these fake invitations, you can't fool me."

                Lin Mo frowned, this security chief was too conceited, right?

                "Let me advise you, it's better to see it clearly first!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                The security chief was furious and threw a slap at Lin Mo: "I said I don't need to look, are you fucking doubting my professional ability?"

                Lin Mo dodged sideways, but the security chief was even more enraged and roared, "Catch him!"

                Several security guards rushed up aggressively and surrounded Lin Mo in the middle.

                From afar, when Xu Long Chang Xu Ling Ling Xuan Xuan saw such a situation, they were all secretly happy.

                "Heh, no matter what he does in Guangyang City, what can he do?"

                "After all, this is the provincial city!"

                "That little strength of his, in the provincial city, he is not even worthy of carrying shoes for others!"

                Xuan Xuan said arrogantly, as if she had finally gotten back what she had suffered before.

                Xu Chang Yuan was also excited, "It's so beautiful!"

                "This time, let him know what it is to have someone outside of people!"

                "He thinks he can be lawless just because he got rich with some strange encounter?"

                "Hmph, what is he compared to our Xu Family's many years of heritage?"

                Lin Mo's face was slightly cold, he was already enraged and was hesitating whether to make a move.

                Just then, the security guard who was holding the invitation next to him suddenly let out a startled cry, "Captain, this ...... this ......"

                The security captain glared at him, "What is it?"

                The security guard, had already opened the invitation.

                On his face, he could not hide the shock at all, one could even say that he was horrified.

                His mouth was wide open, but he couldn't utter a single word, and his whole body seemed to have frozen.

                The security chief was annoyed and went over and scolded him, "Say something, stammering, what's wrong with you?"

                The security guard couldn't say anything, so he simply put the invitation in front of the captain and let him read it.

                The security captain impatiently pushed the invitation away, "What for?"

                "I told you to talk, why are you blocking my face?"

                The security guard finally returned to some composure at this point and said in a trembling voice: "Sign ...... sign ...... sign ......"

                The security chief was surprised: "What signature?"

                Sun Ke said, "Oh, every invitation, which is issued by the family head of the ten families, will have the signature of the family head of the family that issued the invitation on it."

                "Here, let me see, this kid this fake invitation, who's family is it forged!"

                She took the invitation in her hand, took a glance at it, and was also directly dumbfounded.

                Her face full of incredulity, staring at the invitation for half a day, she suddenly pointed at Lin Mo and shouted, "You ...... you this is absolutely fake!"

                "For each invitation, there is only one family head signature."

                "You ...... how can you have the joint signatures of ten family heads here?"