Medical Genius Chapter 1334

 Lin Mo turned his head, only to see Sun Ke with a few men, looking at him with flair.

                Not far away, Xu Chang Chang and the three men were looking at him with sneers.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be speechless.

                He had gotten word some time ago that these three men had run away to the provincial capital to hang out, yelling about how they wanted to make a name for themselves and stomp him down.

                Unexpectedly, he had just come over and he had met the three of them, this was really a narrow escape.

                He didn't bother to pay any attention to these people, and didn't even say anything back as he walked straight inside.

                Seeing this, Sun Ke was directly annoyed and came up and grabbed Lin Mo's clothes: "Kid, didn't you hear this lady talking to you?"

                "What, you're a thief and want to slip away?"

                Lin Mo was also annoyed, he glared at Sun Ke and said in a deep voice: "I advise you, if you don't have the ability, don't just help people out!"

                "You have no idea what kind of people you're really dealing with!"

                Sun Ke froze for a moment before bursting into laughter with the crowd around him.

                "Hey, did I hear that right?"

                "What did he just say?"

                "He said I'm not capable?"

                "Hahahaha, kid, you're really arrogant."

                "What, if you're a bit competent in Guangyang City, you really think you can be lawless?"

                "And what do you mean I don't know who I'm dealing with? Heh, and do you know what kind of person I am?"

                Sun Ke exclaimed.

                At this moment, a youth beside her immediately said, "Hey, kid, listen carefully."

                "This, is our Sun Family's Eldest Miss, Sun Ke!"

                "Hmph, you little yakuza, how dare you disrespect the Eldest Miss of the Ten Great Families?"

                "Kneel down for me!"

                With that, the youth violently kicked at the crook of Lin Mo's leg, trying to make him kneel down.

                Lin Mo coldly snorted and swept his foot across, kicking directly at the youth's knee.

                He fell to the ground on the spot, letting out a miserable howl.

                This attracted the attention of everyone in the room, and all of them came over.

                "What's wrong with this?"

                "I don't know? Why is there a sudden fight?"

                "The Sun Family's Eldest Miss is also there, who is that across the street?"

                "Isn't today a gathering of the top ten families? Why is there someone I don't know here?"

                The crowd whispered, all speculating on what was going on.

                Sun Ke was furious, the fops from their top ten families were used to running amok in the provincial city, had they ever suffered such a loss?

                "How dare you!"

                "Sneaking into our Ten Great Families' venue and plotting mischief is just that."

                "Now that we've discovered you, you dare to hurt someone!"

                "Do you really think that our Ten Great Families don't have a king's law?"

                Sun Ke roared loudly and angrily.

                When the people around them heard this, they all looked at Lin Mo with hostility in their eyes as well.

                Lin Mo stared coldly at Sun Ke: "I'll give you one last chance."

                "Get lost!"

                "Otherwise, in a moment, you can't afford the consequences!"

                Sun Ke laughed outright in anger and turned his head and said loudly, "Did everyone hear that?"

                "This trash from Guangyang City, how dare he talk to me like that?"

                "I can't afford the consequences? I'd like to see what consequences I can't afford!"

                "Aiyo, come to think of it, I'm still a bit scared."

                "Hurry up and call security to come and protect me!"

                The crowd around them all burst into laughter.

                These people were all dudes from the ten major families, and they were all unaware of the last time Lin Mo had made a big scene in the provincial city, and they didn't know that the sky had changed in Guang Province.

                And the real top brass of the Ten Great Families were upstairs right now.

                Therefore, no one from these people below knew about Lin Mo's situation yet.

                These fops all looked at Lin Mo with disdain, as if they were looking at a fool.

                At this moment, a group of security guards also came outside.

                The security captain at the head of the group recognized Sun Ke, and as soon as he saw her, he immediately put on a smile on his face: "Miss Sun, I heard that a foreigner has made you angry?"

                "Where is he, I'll help you teach him a lesson!"