Medical Genius Chapter 1333

 Xu Changchang and Xuan Xuan were both originally laughing as well, when they saw Lin Mo, they were stunned.

                The three of them were dumbfounded for a while, looking at each other with blank faces.

                "I ...... am I seeing things?"

                Xuan Xuan said in amazement.

                "Did I just, did I see Lin Mo?"

                Xu Lingling also said in amazement.

                Xuan Xuan immediately exclaimed, "Right, right? You saw it too, didn't you?"

                "It was Lin Mo, wasn't it? It was Lin Mo, wasn't it?"

                "I ...... I'm not mistaken, right, that one is Lin Mo, right?"

                Xu Changchang grimaced and nodded slowly, "That's right, it's this son of a bitch."

                "Strange, why did he come over?"

                Xu Lingling recalled the previous times and couldn't help but whisper in shock, "You guys said, he ...... wouldn't have been invited over, right?"

                Xu Changchang shook his head dryly, "How is that possible?"

                "This is the provincial city, not Guangyang City!"

                "Lin Mo is somewhat capable in Guangyang City, but in the provincial city, he's nothing!"

                "Besides, the ten families in the provincial city have always been at odds with Nanba Tian. Lin Mo is a friend of Nanba Tian, so how could the Ten Families of the provincial city, how could they invite him?"

                Xu Lingling was confused, "Then ...... what is this all about?"

                Xu Changchang was also at a loss.

                At this moment, Xuan Xuan exclaimed once again, "He ...... he really got in?"

                Xu Lingling Xu Changchang looked over, only to see that Lin Mo had really gone into the hotel.

                The three of them once again looked at each other with blank faces.

                "Really see a ghost?"

                "How come I can see him everywhere I go?"

                "Brother, do you think, could he have sneaked in?"

                Xu Lingling couldn't help but say.

                Xu Changchang gritted his teeth, "Let's not talk so much first, follow him in and see."

                The three of them also followed and entered the hotel.

                When they reached the entrance, they were stopped by the security guards.

                Luckily, Xuan Xuan took out her invitation letter and they were able to be let in.

                Seeing such a situation, the three people's faces changed slightly.

                Did it mean that Lin Mo really had an invitation?

                Just as the three were lost in thought, a girl leapt out in a breeze.

                "Hey, you three, why did you only come?"

                "I didn't tell you guys to come earlier, I even introduced my brother to you!"

                The girl yelled.

                As soon as Xuan Xuan saw her, she immediately greeted her with a smile.

                This girl, her best friend Sun Ke, was the eldest young lady of the Sun family, and had a not insignificant status in Guang Province.

                As Sun Ke spoke, she deliberately looked at Xu Lingling for a moment, the corners of her mouth clearly skewed.

                The reason she gave Xuan Xuan an invitation was because she wanted to introduce Xuan Xuan to a few of her brothers.

                She often introduced her bestie to those few brothers of hers, which also made her highly respected within the few brothers.

                Xuan Xuan said she would bring a beautiful girl with her, but looking at Xu Lingling, she was actually a bit dissatisfied.

                After exchanging a few pleasantries, Xuan Xuan suddenly came over to Sun Ke and whispered, "Ke'er, why is that man here?"

                "How did he get an invitation to this party of yours?"

                Sun Ke looked over and saw Lin Mo just in time.

                She shook her head, "I don't know him, what's wrong?"

                Xuan Xuan gave a general account of the feud between herself and Lin Mo.

                After hearing this, Sun Ke laughed disdainfully, "I thought it was some big shot, but it turns out it's just a little yakuza from Guangyang City, huh?"

                "OK, it's fine, wait, see how I can avenge you!"

                This Sun Ke was also an absolute dude, plus the last time, the ten families of Guangyang Province had suffered a big loss and had been blocking the news.

                So, even a big miss of a family like her didn't know about Lin Mo!

                Sun Ke called up a few of her own brothers and ran towards Lin Mo in a rage.

                Xuan Xuan didn't stop either, wasn't the purpose of their visit to the provincial capital to find someone to teach Lin Mo a lesson!

                After Lin Mo came in, he was thinking about how to find the heads of the ten families.

                Suddenly, an arrogant voice came from behind him, "Hey, what are you doing sneaking around?"

                "Trying to steal something? Then you've come to the wrong place!"