Medical Genius Chapter 1332

 The next day, Nanba Tian left Guangyang City.

                The only person who left with him was Xiao Ke.

                Chen Shengyuan and some other close friends stayed in Guangyang City, which he had left behind for his daughter.

                In the morning, Lin Mo went to see Nan Bing'er.

                She did not look much changed, but among her eyes, there was clearly some haziness.

                This girl, it seemed, knew nothing.

                But in fact, there were many things that she knew clearly in her heart.

                A week later, Lin Mo suddenly received an invitation letter from the top ten families in Guang Province, inviting him to attend a banquet in the provincial capital.

                Lin Mo knew that what was to come, was to come after all.

                There was finally going to be a conclusion between him and the Ten Great Families of Guangdong Province.

                This trip was a Hongmen Banquet.

                But, Lin Mo knew that as long as he walked through, then he would be in control of everything in Guang Province!

                Seven o'clock in the evening.

                The Marriott Hotel in the provincial city.

                A Mercedes-Benz drove up to the entrance, and three young men got out of the car.

                Among them were two men and women, Xu Changchang and Xu Lingling respectively.

                There was also a girl, who was Xu Yufang's daughter Xuan Xuan.

                Previously, Xu Yufang had brought her daughter back to Guangyang City, originally intending to be betrothed to Fan Zhenliang's son.

                As a result, because of Lin Mo, the marriage was yellowed.

                And the Xu family, knowing clearly that they were no match for Lin Mo, had all been much more honest recently.

                The youngsters, Xu Long-term Xu Lingling, were not convinced, and they knew that they would not be able to fight Lin Mo if they stayed in Guangyang City.

                Therefore, they came to the provincial city to look for an opportunity to see if they could make connections with the top ten families in the provincial city and go back to clean up Lin Mo.

                Xuan Xuan also followed them over, and, as Xuan Xuan had many classmates in the provincial city, she could indeed help with the matchmaking.

                Xu long term is a little apprehensive, whispered: "Xuan Xuan sister, really ...... is really here?"

                Xuan Xuan had an arrogant face: "Of course!"

                "This Marriott Hotel, but the most famous hotel in the provincial city, is much higher end than even the Times Hotel in Guangyang City!"

                Xu Changchang whispered, "No, I ...... mean, the ten families, are they really all coming here to party tonight?"

                Xuan Xuan nodded: "That's for sure!"

                "My bestie is from the Sun family, one of the top ten families in the provincial capital, would she get it wrong for a party like this?"

                "Besides, you guys think that any kind of cats and dogs can enter this party?"

                "My best friend is the eldest lady of the Sun family, and she went to a lot of trouble to get me three entry tickets!"

                "Let me tell you, those who can come here are not low on the list of the top ten families!"

                Xu Lingling instantly became excited, "Doesn't that mean that tonight, there will be many young handsome people from the Ten Great Families coming over?"

                "Sister Xuan Xuan, later on, you have to ask your bestie to introduce me to some handsome guys."

                Xuan Xuan smiled smugly, "Don't worry, it's all on me!"

                "I didn't go to school abroad all these years for nothing."

                "This side of the provincial city, my network of connections, absolutely no problem!"

                Xu Lingling was overjoyed and excitedly hugged Xuan Xuan's arm.

                Xu Chang Chang came over, "Sister Xuan Xuan, I don't need any handsome men."

                "Back in the future, you can just introduce me to a few girlfriends."

                Xuan Xuan gave him a blank look, "Come on you."

                "Don't say I didn't give you a chance, later on when you go in, the big ladies of the ten families are all over the place, so you see for yourself."

                Xu Changchang heatedly smiled, sharpening his palms and fists, his face full of excitement.

                Just as the three were about to enter the lobby, a taxi came slowly in the distance and stopped directly at the front door of the hotel.

                Next to the hotel, the lowest was a million-dollar luxury car.

                This taxi looked out of place when placed alongside those cars.

                Xu Lingling took a look and immediately laughed: "Aiyo, look guys, which country bumpkin is that?"

                "Getting a taxi to come here, it's a laugh!"

                Just then, one person stepped out of the car, it was Lin Mo.