Medical Genius Chapter 1331

 Next, Lin Mo went to see the Song family's old man again.

                Lin Mo was not polite with him and came up and opened up about Wang Qingyun's affair.

                The Song family senior originally wanted to deny it, but after learning that it was the Li family senior who had given him up, he wilted.

                His mouth kept on chanting that the Li family senior was not good enough to accomplish anything.

                As a result, when Lin Mo threw out that examination result, he was once again dumbfounded.

                He did not expect that the secret he had been hiding for these decades would be discovered just like that.

                Next, Lin Mo locked up the Song family's old man and the Li family's old man together.

                As for what would happen after that, it was not really something Lin Mo had to worry about.

                The main members of these six families, except for the Li family, the other five families, were all taken care of by the tiger's men.

                The others, on the other hand, were all banished, driven out of the boundaries of Guang Province and never allowed to set foot in Guang Province again.

                Of course, without those key members, and without their family heritage, it was already a problem for them to survive, so how could they come back to take revenge?

                From then on, the entire city of Guangyang was completely under Lin Mo's control.

                After disposing of the six families, Lin Mo went back to Wangjiang Garden first.

                The family was all here, and Lin Xi was sitting next to Xu Hanxia, whose injuries had healed.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was also sitting at the table.

                There was a table of dishes on the table, and they were all waiting for Lin Mo to return.

                Seeing the family, Lin Mo's mood changed for the better.

                To be able to be with a family in harmony like this was the greatest happiness in life!

                After eating, Lin Mo took Xu Hanxia to the Shengshi Mansion.

                He had previously rescued many people from the provincial capital who had been trafficked and brought here.

                Those who were older and could remember, and could know where their homes were, Lin Mo had already had them given road money to go home first.

                However, in the end, there were still more than twenty small children left here.

                These little children, all of whom were not very old, had no idea how to get home.

                There was no choice but to leave them here for the time being, and then slowly search for their families.

                Here, Lin Mo saw the little girl and the little child that he had seen in the square earlier.

                These two children, who were really a pair of siblings, had been abducted together at that time.

                Because the little girl was cute and sweet-talking, those traffickers were lenient and did not cut off her arms and legs, but let her go out to sell flowers for money.

                Her brother, however, was in a bad way, having his arms and legs cut off and spending his days begging.

                In fact, he was lucky to be begging.

                Because, for their real use, they were to have their body organs cut off.

                When a matching patient appears, that's when they lose their lives.

                Although they were saved, these little children, when they saw people, still flocked together in fear, their eyes terrified.

                Looking at the pitiful appearance of these little children, Xu Hanxia also sighed in frustration.

                "These human traffickers, what an abomination!"

                Xu Hanxia said through clenched teeth.

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, he had seen the situation inside that farm with his own eyes, and he was the one who knew it best.

                Therefore, despite almost dying in the provincial capital this time, Lin Mo didn't regret what he had done at all.

                If he hadn't killed Slim Monkey and Feng Shao's group, for the rest of his life, he would have been left with a lump in his heart!

                After settling these small children down, Lin Mo took Xu Hanxia back to Wangjiang Garden.

                At one o'clock in the morning, seeing that Xu Hanxia was asleep, Lin Mo slipped to the basement by himself.

                He sat down on his knees, swallowed a Nine Yang Realm Breaking Pill once again, and began to cultivate.

                Being chased these past few days, Lin Mo had escaped death several times, but the harvest was also great.

                At least, the Nine Yang Realm Breaking Pill he had consumed last time had been completely digested, and his strength, compared to before, had at least doubled.

                Nowadays, even if he met Qin Wuyi, he would almost be able to fight to a draw.