Medical Genius Chapter 1330

 Hearing these words, Elder Li almost didn't jump up.

                He pointed at Lin Mo and hissed loudly, "What did you ...... you say?"

                "How dare you insult me like that, I'll fight you!"

                Elder Li said and was about to pounce on him.

                Lin Mo directly threw the examination results in front of him.

                "Don't believe it? See for yourself!"

                Old Master Li was half convinced, but eventually picked up the test results.

                After reading them, Elder Li collapsed on the spot.

                He had never dreamed that the son he had raised with his own hands was the one his wife had given birth to by cheating on him with someone else.

                His body trembled as he looked at the test results.

                After a long time, he lifted his head, his eyes bloodshot, and gritted his teeth, "You ...... you must be faking this!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Master Li, whether it's true or not, I think you should already have the answer in your own heart."

                "Also, you should go and investigate your daughter-in-law's relationship with the Song family's old man."

                "I heard that before she married you, she had an affair with the Song family's old man!"

                Master Li's face turned pale once again, he knew, of course, that his wife, and the Song family's old man were actually old friends.

                But he did not expect that the child he had worked so hard to raise for so many years was not his own son.

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "Why do you think the Song family made Li Chengduo the head of the family?"

                "Why do you think the Song family helped to elevate your Li family to its current status?"

                "Why do you think the Song Family would give you so many benefits?"

                "Master Li, these things from the Song family are not for you, but for Li Chengduo!"

                "Oh, no, it shouldn't be called Li Chengduo, it should be called Song Chengduo!"

                Elder Li's face gradually became grim as he suddenly slapped the table and roared, "Old Ghost Song, you've cheated me so badly!"

                "No wonder you were suddenly so kind to our Li family, no wonder you had to suddenly lift our Li family to the second family position."

                "So, it's not a relationship, okay, you've pressed me like a living bastard!"

                "I ...... am not in common with you!"

                Elder Li hissed and got up, wanting to go out to settle the score with Elder Song, but was stopped by Lin Mo.

                "Elder Li, why do you need to be so excited?"

                "What can you do if you find him now? Beat him up? Kill him?"

                "Think about it, the Song family has fallen into my hands, what's the point of you beating him and killing him?"

                Lin Mo laughed.

                Elder Li said angrily, "Then what do you say, what should I do?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "If you want to take revenge, cooperate with me."

                "Not only can I let you take revenge, but, I can also let your Li family return to Guangyang City, how about that?"

                Elder Li pondered for a long time and slowly nodded, "Words are worthy!"

                Lin Mo said aloud, "I, Lin Mou, have always kept my word."

                Elder Li nodded, "You asked just now, who is behind the Song family."

                "Actually, you guessed correctly, behind the Song family, there is another person."

                "This person, named Wang Qingyun, is the head of the Wang family, one of the ten largest families in Guang Province."

                "This time, it was actually Wang Qingyun who was behind the whole thing."

                "What we did was also all at the behest of Wang Qingyun."

                Lin Mo's heart twitched, the Wang Family, that was a large family that ranked number one among the ten largest families in Guang Province.

                The Wang Family had a very high status among the top ten families in Guang Province and had an extremely high prestige and appeal.

                If it was the Wang family, then it means that many of the top ten families in the province are involved in it.

                So it seems that this time, Nanba Tian took advantage of the opportunity to hit those experts of the Ten Families hard, and it wasn't just for Lin Mo.

                The Ten Families of Guangyang Province were secretly laying out their plans to take advantage of Nanba Tian's departure to swallow Guangyang City.

                Nanba Tian was giving them a punishment!