Medical Genius Chapter 1329

 After the failure of the ambush on Lin Mo by Song Ruize and the others last time, the people from the six great families originally planned to flee Guangyang City.

                However, before they had the chance to escape, they were all taken down by Tiger with his men.

                Now, all of these people were locked up inside this manor.

                Once Lin Mo entered, he directly asked Tiger to bring out all the six family masters and lock them up in different rooms.

                Lin Mo first interrogated the other four people, except for the Song and Li families, who did not have any special reaction.

                There were three family lords who, upon seeing Lin Mo, directly knelt down and begged for mercy, begging Lin Mo to spare their families and leave their families incense.

                There was another family's old man who kept yelling for Lin Mo to have the guts to kill him, otherwise he would definitely avenge his son.

                Lin Mo didn't bother to pay any attention to him and simply left it to the tiger to dispose of.

                After that, Lin Mo went to see the old man of the Li family first.

                Elder Li was sitting alone in his room, his face as gloomy as water.

                "Lin Mo, since it has fallen into your hands."

                "Kill or be killed, do as you wish!"

                "However, if you want me to beg you, you still don't need to dream!"

                As soon as Old Master Li saw Lin Mo, he directly yelled out loud.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and walked over to him to sit down.

                "What, Li Chengduo is dead and you want to follow him too, huh?"

                When Elder Li heard this, he could not help but become even more furious: "Surnamed Lin, you killed my son, this revenge is unbreakable!"

                "Even if I were a ghost, I would definitely not let you go!"

                Lin Mo shook his head with a faint smile, "The revenge of killing my son is indeed unbreakable."

                "But if it wasn't your son that I killed, then is there still such a deep enmity between the two of us?"

                Elder Li couldn't help but stare: "What do you ...... mean?"

                Lin Mo did not answer him, but asked rhetorically, "I know that your Li family has always been very close to the Song family."

                "Moreover, this time around, your Li family has been supporting the Song family, and many of the things that happened were done by you in partnership with the Song family."

                "So, you guys must know the secrets of the Song family!"

                "I just want to know now who is behind the Song Family!"

                Elder Li's face changed slightly and he subconsciously turned his head to the side, "What kind of words are you asking?"

                "Don't you know? The one supporting the Song family behind the scenes has always been the Compass Zun!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "Since I'm asking you this question, then I definitely know that behind the Song Family, it wasn't as simple as Compulsion Zun."

                "The Song Family, and the Compulsion Exalted, are only in a cooperative relationship."

                "And looking at what the Song Family has done for such a long time, in fact, not much has helped Compulsion Zun, they are more actually targeting me, targeting Nanba Tian."

                "Relying on the Song Family alone, they definitely don't have the guts to target Nanba Tian."

                "So, behind the Song Family, there is definitely someone else."

                "This person, who exactly is it?"

                Elder Li gritted his teeth, "I don't know what you're talking about!"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly, "Heh, Elder Li, at this point in time, do you think there is any point in continuing to hide it for the Song family?"

                Elder Li looked at Lin Mo with a cold smile, and did not say anything.

                Lin Mo laughed mockingly, "Old thing, do you really think that by helping the Song family, you'll land yourself any favours?"

                "Or do you really think that someone as shrewd as Song Ruize would become best friends with a punk like Li Chengduo?"

                Elder Li's face changed slightly: "What do you ...... mean?"

                Lin Mo sneered, "What do you mean?"

                "Don't you understand? That son of yours, Li Chengduo, is, in fact, the seed of the Song family's old man!"

                "From the beginning to the end, you were just working for the Song family!"

                "All the benefits that the Song family gave you, in the end, all amounted to giving to the Song family, do you understand?"