Medical Genius Chapter 1328

 Lin Mo gave the tiger a look, "A blood relation?"

                Tiger immediately nodded, "That's right!"

                "According to the lab report, these two people are quite close in blood."

                "The conclusion given by the hospital is that they are basically half brothers!"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, "That's right!"

                Lao Hu gave him a surprised look, "Right?"

                "Brother Lin, you ...... have long guessed that the two of them are related?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "What do you think of Li Chengduo as a person?"

                Tiger immediately said, "Arrogant and domineering, self-righteous, a waste!"

                "I can't even figure it out, how could the Li family find such a trash to become the Li family head?"

                "There are so many people in the Li family, any one of them can be better than him!"

                Lin Mo: "Since Li Chengduo is so unsuitable to be the head of the family, then why would the Li family make him the head of the family?"

                Old Tiger scratched his head and whispered, "Uh, what I heard is that this Li Chengduo, is better at pulling strings."

                "He has a better relationship with Song Rize, the head of the Song family, and the Song family fully supports him."

                "Because of the Song family's help, therefore, the Li family's strength has increased greatly, becoming the second ranked existence among the top ten families."

                "It was for these reasons that the Li family, made Li Chengduo the head of the family, actually to maintain the relationship with the Song family!"

                Lin Mo nodded, "That's right, that's indeed the case."

                "The reason why Li Chengduo was able to become the head of the family was, in fact, entirely because of the Song family's support behind it."

                "But, this person, Song Rize, you also know about."

                "He is extremely sinister and cunning, so how could he have any real friendship?"

                Tiger suddenly understood, "In that case, Song Ruize is deliberately pretending to be on good terms with Li Chengduo, and then pushing Li Chengduo into the position of family head."

                "In this way, he was able to take control of the Li family through Li Chengduo!"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "That alone is not enough."

                "After all, if it's just a friend relationship, Li Chengduo may not listen to him, and these relationships aren't solid enough."

                "So, I wondered if there was something else going on here."

                "I have specifically investigated the Song and Li families and got an important clue."

                "That is, the Li family's senior's wife, Li Chengduo's birth mother, actually had an affair with the Song family's senior, once!"

                Hearing this, Tiger's eyes directly widened.

                "Brother Lin, what you are saying is that this Li Chengduo, is not at all the real son of the Li family's old man!"

                "He ...... is, in fact, the child of the Song family's old man, and the old man Li's wife?"

                "So ...... that's why he's related to Song Rize by the same father?"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, "After the last incident with the Li family, I had a vague suspicion in my heart."

                "It's just that there has been no way to verify this suspicion."

                "This time, Song Ruize and Li Chengduo's corpses are both in our hands, so I'll let you test whether they are related by blood by the way."

                "Now it seems that my guess was correct!"

                Tiger was shocked, he hadn't even thought about it that much.

                After a moment, Tiger wondered, "But, Brother Lin, what are you checking this for?"

                "With Song Ruize and Li Chengduo both dead, these six great families are also finished."

                "At this time, even if Elder Li knew about these things, there's no point!"

                Lin Mo shook his head with a faint smile, "You don't understand."

                "This time, it's not as simple as you think!"

                "You'll find out in a moment."

                Tiger was full of confusion, but didn't ask more questions.

                Next, the two went to get the test results first.

                Lin Mo looked at the test results and nodded in satisfaction.

                After that, they drove straight to a manor in the countryside.