Medical Genius Chapter 1327

 Guang Yang City, Nan Baitian's manor.

                After Nanba Tian had defeated all the experts of the Ten Great Families of Guangyang Province, he brought Lin Mo back with him.

                On this journey, Lin Mo had finally recovered some of his energy after some rest.

                After eating something and replenishing some energy, Lin Mo went to the hall.

                Nan Batian was sitting on the sofa in the living room, while Nan Bing'er was sitting next to him, making tea for him.

                When she saw Lin Mo enter, Nan Bing'er got up in a good manner, greeted Lin Mo and left.

                When Lin Mo walked over to the table, Nan Batian waved his hand, "Sit!"

                Lin Mo sat down next to him.

                "Master Tian, thank you so much for this time!"

                Lin Mo thanked from the bottom of his heart.

                Nanba Tian laughed lightly and shook his head, "You don't need to thank me."

                "That's all I can do to help you."

                "The next path will depend on you to walk on your own."

                Lin Mo knew that Nanba Tian was really leaving.

                "Bing'er, do you know about this?"

                Lin Mo asked in a low voice.

                Nanba Tian looked in the direction where Nan Bing'er had left and said softly, "I haven't told her about these old matters."

                "She also doesn't know exactly what I'm going to do."

                "I don't ask for her to live a life of glory and prosperity."

                "I just want her to be safe and sound, happy and free from any worries."

                Lin Mo knew that Nanba Tian did not want Nan Bing'er to carry all this hatred.

                So, Nan Bing'er didn't even know exactly why her mother had died!

                Lin Mo sighed, Nan Baitian was really doting on his daughter.

                The more he doted on her, the more he couldn't let go, it was his biggest hang-up now.

                And now, Nanba Tian handed Nan Bing'er over to him, that was the greatest trust in him.

                "Master Tian, I can give you a promise!"

                "As long as I, Lin Mo, live, I will definitely not let Miss Bing'er suffer!"

                Lin Mo said.

                Nanba Tian tilted his head and smiled, "Good!"

                "I can trust the promises of the Lin family."

                Lin Mo couldn't help but stare as he looked at Nan Baitian in surprise.

                Did it mean that Nan Batian knew his identity?

                Seeing the difference in his expression, Nanba Tian laughed lightly, "There is no need to be surprised."

                "Your identity, I knew about it last time when you saved my daughter."

                "If I hadn't been helping you hide your identity, I'm only afraid that, long ago, someone would have found out about you."

                Lin Mo was shocked in his heart, he had originally thought that he had concealed himself deep enough.

                He didn't expect that in front of the truly great people, he didn't actually have many secrets ah.

                "Thank you, Master Tian!"

                Lin Mo said with an arch of his hand.

                Nanba Tian waved his hand, "There's no need to thank me!"

                "This is to repay your father for saving my life in the first place."

                "Tomorrow, I'll be leaving Guangyang City."

                "I'm not too worried about things on this side of Guangyang Province."

                "But in the southern six provinces, you must be careful."

                "Remember, beware of Xue Laowu!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but stare, "Xue Laowu?"

                "Master Tian, you are talking about the King of the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu, right?"

                Nanba Tian slowly nodded his head.

                Lin Mo didn't ask why, he just took Nanba Tian's words to heart silently.

                Nan Batian had been in Guang Province for so long, he must know Master Xue Wu very well.

                If Nan Batian told him to be on his guard, he must have his reasons!

                Lin Mo chatted with Nan Batian for a while longer before he got up and bid farewell to Nan Batian.

                When he walked out of Nanba Tian's manor, Tiger was waiting outside the courtyard.

                As soon as Lin Mo got into the car, Tiger immediately said, "Brother Lin, all the people from those six families have been captured, what are you going to do with them?"

                Lin Mo did not answer, but asked in return, "How's the job I instructed you to do?"

                Hearing this, Tiger's eyes immediately lit up, "Aiyo, Brother Lin, if you hadn't mentioned it, I had forgotten about it."

                "Not to mention, after checking over there, they really found a problem."

                "Guess, what exactly is the relationship between that Li Chengduo and Song Ruize?"