Medical Genius Chapter 1324

 The crowd looked at the voice, only to see a tall man, striding in.

                Everyone's face changed in an instant, Feng Wanjun's eyes even widened as he spoke incoherently, "You ...... you Nan Baitian, how ...... do you ......"

                At this moment, Nan Batian had already walked to Lin Mo's side.

                He helped Lin Mo up and glanced at Feng Wanjun: "Iron Fist Invincible?"

                "Humph, I would like to see how iron these fists of yours, are!"

                As he spoke, Nanba Tian directly punched Feng Wanjun.

                Feng Wanjun's face turned pale as he simply did not dare to fight Nanba Tian head-on.

                Turning around, he tried to escape, but, Nan Batian's speed was much faster than him, and he simply could not dodge.

                Seeing that the punch was about to hit his body, Feng Wanjun could only stiffen his head and meet it with the same punch.

                When the two fists collided, Nanba Tian did not move at all, while Feng Wanjun flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground.

                The crowd looked closely and saw that Feng Wanjun's arm was sagging and the bones were sticking out of the flesh.

                Everyone drew a breath of cold air.

                Everyone knew that Nan Batian was very powerful, but who would have thought that Nan Batian would be so strong!

                The third-ranked expert in the Canton Province couldn't even withstand a single punch in front of him?

                Lin Mo's face also changed slightly, Nan Batian's strength was really beyond his expectation.

                Previously, Nan Batian had fought against Nalan Yong, and as a result, he had been attacked by the Companions and almost died from serious injuries.

                Although Nalan Yong was not weak, he was not too strong.

                Therefore, at that time, Lin Mo had thought that Nanba Tian's strength was not actually particularly strong.

                But now that he looked at it, it was too shocking.

                One had to know that this Feng Wanjun's strength was even above Qin Wuyi's.

                As a result, Feng Wanjun couldn't even receive a single move in front of Nan Batian?

                In that case, if Nan Batian wanted to kill Qin Wu Pardon, wouldn't it be as easy as a hand?

                At this moment, he also vaguely understood in his heart why people kept comparing Nanba Tian to the King of the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu.

                Nanba Tian, indeed, had the strength and qualifications!

                In fact, Lin Mo did not know.

                At that time, Nanba Tian was not only fighting against Nalan Yong alone, but also the experts from the Nalan family that Nalan Yong had brought with him.

                Amongst those people, Nalan Yong's strength was only moderate.

                In other words, Nan Batian alone fought against several experts who were no match for Nalan Yong, and was attacked from behind by the Companions.

                As a result, Nan Batian had still killed those few people and managed to escape back to Guangyang City, which in itself was not easy enough.

                Feng Wanjun was in agony and stretched out his other hand and said in a trembling voice, "Save ...... save me ......"

                The people from the top ten families in Guang Province looked at each other and none of them paid any attention to him.

                After all, Feng Wanjun was still standing within the confines of Guangyang City.

                This, was Nanba Tian's territory, and those who trespassed would die!

                Feng Wanjun had already ended up in this situation, who would dare to mess with Nanba Tian?

                At this moment, Nanba Tian walked step by step in front of Feng Wanjun.

                He looked at Feng Wanjun condescendingly, "When I first set the rules, your Feng family was also listening."

                "Those who trespass into Guangyang City will be killed without amnesty!"

                "Feng Wanjun, are you so old that you have forgotten the original rules? Or do you think that I, Nanba Tian, am easy to bully and trample on the rules I set at will?"

                Feng Wanjun's face was pale, he was at least the third ranked expert in Guang Province.

                But now he was being rebuked by Nan Batian like this, his face was all gone!

                Feng Wanjun gasped for air and gritted his teeth, "Nan Batian, today I am not as skilled as others and I admit defeat at your hands!"

                "However, you can't even think of insulting me!"

                "This Lin surnamed killed my Feng family, he is an enemy of my ten clans!"

                "If you want to protect him, then you are the common enemy of my ten great clans!"