Medical Genius Chapter 1323

 Feng Wanjun walked up to Lin Mo, and without any nonsense, he directly fought with him.

                This man was able to be ranked third in Guang Province, so he was really not simple.

                As the two battled together, Lin Mo fell directly into a disadvantage, being beaten back by Feng Wanjun.

                In fact, Lin Mo's strength had increased a lot after he had taken the Nine Yang Realm Breaking Pill.

                This Feng Wanjun's strength was just a little stronger than Lin Mo's.

                However, Lin Mo had been injured one after another in the past few days, plus his physical strength was too much.

                Today, Lin Mo was already at the end of his rope.

                Under Feng Wanjun's hands, Lin Mo was no longer a match at all.

                When the crowd saw Lin Mo being beaten and defeated, they all shouted in approval.

                Feng Wanjun was even more smug, he just wanted to beat up the Feng family's prestige in front of the Ten Families!

                Not long after the fight, Lin Mo was struck by a punch from Feng Wanjun and couldn't help but take a few steps back.

                The crowd around roared their approval.

                Lin Mo's face was gloomy, he knew that if he continued to fight like this, his life would definitely be lost here.

                He took out a Qi and Blood Pill and swallowed it straight away.

                Then, he continued to charge up and battled with Feng Wanjun.

                The effect of the Qi and Blood Pill was rapidly manifesting, while Lin Mo was suppressing his power.

                Finally, he waited for his chance and concentrated his full strength and threw a punch at Feng Wanjun.

                Originally, Feng Wanjun did not take Lin Mo seriously, but when the two fists collided, he felt that something was wrong.

                It was as if Lin Mo's strength had suddenly increased by several times.

                With this punch, he had actually sent Feng Wanjun flying backwards.

                The crowd around them all cried out in shock, no one had expected this result.

                Feng Wanjun had clearly gained the upper hand, so how could he suddenly be defeated?

                Lin Mo didn't hesitate when he landed the blow, he immediately turned around and ran.

                He was now too physically exhausted, and this Qi and Blood Pill was not able to last long.

                If he continued to fight, he might be able to kill Feng Wanjun.

                However, when he ran out of strength, then these people would definitely not let him go.

                Therefore, he could only fight for this Qi and Blood Pill now to build up his last strength and flee back to Guangyang City!

                When Feng Wanjun saw Lin Mo flee, he could not help but become anxious and shouted, "Quickly chase after him, don't let him run away!"

                Only then did the crowd come back to their senses and chased after him.

                Feng Wanjun adjusted his breath for a while and quickly followed after him.

                His face was cold to the core.

                To be defeated by a junior like Lin Mo, this was simply a strange shame.

                This time, he was determined that no matter what, he would kill Lin Mo to clear this shame!

                Lin Mo ran wildly with all his might, and he could feel that the power in his body was rapidly depleting.

                However, he was now getting closer and closer to Guangyang City.

                Finally, he could see the boundaries of Guangyang City.

                And just then, the power within Lin Mo's body, too, was almost depleted, his speed was getting slower and slower, and his legs could barely support his body.

                Behind him, the men of the Ten Great Families came running wildly, hissing madly to stop him.

                Seeing such a situation, Lin Mo gritted his teeth, he almost went crazy on his hands and knees and finally fled into the confines of Guangyang City.

                Behind them, the people from the ten clans chased him to this boundary, and when they looked at Lin Mo standing behind the signboard of Guangyang City, they couldn't help but look at each other in disbelief.

                One more step forward and it would be Nanba Tian's territory!

                They didn't dare to go any further.

                At this moment, Feng Wanjun also came running over.

                He looked at Lin Mo, who was limp on the ground, and his face was gloomy to the extreme.

                He suddenly took a step forward and directly rushed into the Guang Yang City territory.

                The people around him all cried out in shock, and an old man said urgently, "Mr Feng, this ......"

                Feng Wanjun said angrily, "What are you afraid of?"

                "It's not like Nanba Tian is here!"

                "I'll grab the man and leave, who can do anything to me?"

                Just then, a majestic voice suddenly came from the distance, "Since you are here, then don't go back!"