Medical Genius Chapter 1322

 Lin Mo's face was icy cold as he swept his gaze across the crowd at the scene and said in a deep voice, "It seems that everyone from the ten great families has arrived!"

                "So, you guys are supporting what Young Feng is doing."

                "Since that is the case, then from now on, I, Lin Mo, will fight you all to the death!"

                The crowd all laughed coldly, and Feng Wanjun said in a cold voice, "Lin Mo, how dare you be so arrogant when you're on the verge of death?"

                "To fight my Ten Great Families to the end, who are you to do that?"

                "Hmph, any one of our ten clans could easily crush you to death!"

                "Gentlemen, who is willing to take action and kill this trash?"

                The crowd around them all shouted enthusiastically, all wanting to step in to kill Lin Mo.

                Feng Wanjun chose one of them.

                This was a tall, middle-aged man who ran wildly towards Lin Mo and slammed his fists into Lin Mo's head.

                Lin Mo dodged and avoided it, but this middle-aged man took the opportunity to take a step forward, his shoulder slamming right into Lin Mo's chest, knocking him back a step.

                When the crowd around saw this scene, they all burst into laughter.

                "This little white boy, he's nothing more than that!"

                "I thought he was really capable, but it turns out he's just such a loser!"

                "Heh, this kind of person is still saying that he wants to fight to the death against our ten clans? I pooh!"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                The crowd mocked continuously, not putting Lin Mo in their eyes.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything either, as he took a deep breath and slowly walked up to the man.


                Lin Mo said in a deep voice.

                The man sneered, "Kid, are you sure you want to continue?"

                "Heh, with this level of strength, you're not even worthy to carry my shoes!"

                "If you fight again, I will beat you to death!"

                Lin Mo's face was cold: "I'm just afraid that you'll be the one to die!"

                The man was furious: "Good boy, how dare you be so arrogant?"

                "Fine, since you're determined to die, I'll let you do it!"

                With an angry roar, the man once again lunged towards Lin Mo.

                A sharp aura flashed in Lin Mo's eyes as he stared deadly at the man's movements.

                As he struck out, Lin Mo suddenly took a step to the side.

                With this step, he directly dodged the man's full force strike.

                Lin Mo then stretched out his right hand in a smooth manner and directly nodded at the back of his head.

                This caused the man's entire body to be slightly dazed.

                Without hesitation, Lin Mo rushed to his side with a single step, and pointed several fingers at several vital points on his body in quick succession.

                The man staggered back a few steps, vomited a mouthful of blood and slowly collapsed to the ground, eventually failing to make a sound.

                All the people around were dumbfounded, and apart from a few people who counted, everyone else was full of bewilderment.

                They really couldn't understand how these few fingers of Lin Mo had seriously injured this man like this.

                However, Feng Wanjun and the others could see it clearly.

                These few fingers of Lin Mo's were all directed at several vital points on this man's body.

                These few strokes were enough to kill this man!

                Feng Wanjun's face turned cold as he said in a deep voice, "I didn't expect that you were still an expert in pointing!"

                "It seems that we have really underestimated you!"

                "However, you are still always too young!"

                "If you want to fight with our ten clans, you are not qualified!"

                Feng Wanjun finished speaking and slowly walked out, saying in a cold voice, "I didn't want to make a move."

                "But since you are bent on seeking death, then I can make it happen for you!"

                "To die under my fist is enough for you to glorify your ancestors!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, this Feng Wanjun, was really arrogant. Killing someone else and saying that they were glorifying their ancestors?

                The crowd around them were all filled with excitement, looking at the scene with excitement.

                This was the third ranked expert in Guang Province.

                He hadn't fought for many years, and today, to see Feng Wanjun personally, was simply an unexpected surprise.