Medical Genius Chapter 1320

 After saying this, Lin Mo turned around and walked away.

                The remaining few people looked at each other, not daring to say a word.

                At this time, who would dare to stop Lin Mo?

                Lin Mo moved these people's cars out of the way and drove himself onto the highway quickly, heading straight for Guangyang City.

                On the other hand, the people of the Ten Great Families had also received the news.

                When they found out about this, the people of the ten families were so angry that they jumped like thunder.

                In particular, the Feng family was almost furious.

                "It's already this time, and he still dares to kill people from our Ten Great Families?"

                "This Lin surname, he's simply lawless!"

                "This time, no matter what, we have to kill him!"

                The people of the ten great clans roared wildly.

                Under the joint deliberation of the Ten Great Families' family heads, they gathered all their experts together and divided them into three groups to intercept Lin Mo from different locations.

                Lin Mo had just driven on the highway for less than an hour when he was stopped by the people of the Ten Great Families.

                This time, there were more people from the Ten Great Families.

                Moreover, these people were all powerful martial artists.

                Lin Mo alone fought against so many people, killed six of them, broke out, jumped off the highway, rushed into the mountains and ran away.

                However, this incident made the people of the Ten Great Families even more furious.

                They sent more men to seal off the mountain.

                Then, they sent out experts from the Ten Great Families and divided them into several groups to search for Lin Mo in the mountains and forests.

                For two whole days, Lin Mo met with these people three times.

                All three times, Lin Mo escaped in a frightening manner.

                He killed a dozen more people from the Ten Great Families, but he himself was not lightly injured.

                Luckily, Lin Mo had carried a lot of pills with him and he was able to recover quickly from his injuries.

                However, these two days of battling these people in the mountains had been physically exhausting.

                Lin Mo also understood that if he continued to be surrounded in the mountains like this, he would have to be consumed to death in here sooner or later.

                Therefore, he simply changed his strategy and created some fake traces to lure the experts of the Ten Great Families away.

                After that, he took advantage of the absence of the experts of the Ten Great Families and searched for the weakest part of this blockade, breaking out and rushing out.

                When the Ten Great Families' family masters learnt the news, they almost went mad.

                All the experts of their ten great families went out and organised a blockade of more than two thousand people to blockade a mountain.

                It took three days of torment and a dozen deaths, but as a result, Lin Mo had escaped, which was a slap in the face of the ten great families.

                This also strengthened their determination to kill Lin Mo.

                Once again, the men of the Ten Great Families poured out their nests and chased after Lin Mo with all their might.

                Lin Mo fought and ran all the way, taking almost a week to finally reach a place less than thirty miles from Guangyang City.

                And he knew that the closer he got to this place, the more dangerous it would be.

                There was no way the Ten Great Families would let him return to Guangyang City alive after making such a big fuss this time!

                Sure enough, Lin Mo hadn't been walking on the mountain road for long when two middle-aged men followed behind him at a slow pace.

                Lin Mo increased his speed, and these two middle-aged men also increased their speed.

                When he slowed down, these two men also slowed down.

                With Lin Mo's speed, he was unable to get away from these two men.

                Lin Mo knew that these two men must be experts from one of the ten great families.

                Only, since these two had found him, why didn't they simply make a move?

                He thought about it and really couldn't understand what they meant.

                He simply ignored them and continued to run towards Guangyang City at a faster pace.

                After running like this for about another five miles, he went over a small hill and a large tree appeared in front of him.

                Under the tree was a stone slab, on either side of which sat two men playing a game.

                Not far from them was an old man, lying on the hillside, looking languidly at the sky.

                The two middle-aged men behind them also came over, and these five men, in a closed circle, stopped Lin Mo in the middle.