Medical Genius Chapter 1316

 Feng Shao's face instantly turned pale as he suddenly gritted his teeth and shouted, "Lin Mo, I ...... am warning you."

                "Let me go now, and these things can be written off."

                "If you continue to make trouble, that would be going against the Ten Great Families of Guang Province!"

                Lin Mo ignored him and directly stabbed him in the heart.

                This vicious young Feng died tragically on the spot!

                As for those people at the scene, although Lin Mo didn't kill them, he didn't spare them either.

                Everyone, either their hands or feet were broken, and they were all severely punished by Lin Mo anyway.

                After doing all this, Lin Mo turned around and left.

                Just as he reached downstairs, a group of black-clad security guards rushed towards the upper floors.

                Lin Mo knocked them all down and then drove away.

                Not long after he had left, several cars arrived at the Royal Respect Clubhouse in an aggressive manner.

                The people in these cars were all from the Feng family.

                The man at the head was none other than Feng Shao's father, Feng Zhen Guang, the head of the Feng family.

                He had also received the news and immediately brought his men over.

                When he ran upstairs, he saw Feng Shao's corpse at a glance and he was so angry that he vomited blood on the spot.

                After asking those few people at the scene and learning that Lin Mo had done it, he directly smashed the table with a slap and roared, "Lin Mo, how dare you kill my son!"

                "I want you to pay in blood!"

                "Someone, blockade the provincial city immediately and stop him for me!"

                "This time, no matter what, don't let him return to Guangyang City!"

                "Also, notify the ten clans and immediately convene a meeting of the ten clans!"

                Feng Zhen Guang finished his explanation and left with tears in his eyes, holding his son's corpse.

                The people of the Feng family, after receiving Feng Zhen Guang's order, acted swiftly.

                The top ten families in Guang Province were completely different from the top ten families in Guangyang City.

                Because of the existence of Nanba Tian in Guangyang City, the Ten Families were just like a decoration.

                On the other hand, the Ten Families of Guangyang Province were able to control everything in Guangyang Province except for Guangyang City!

                Moreover, the ten families of Guangyang Province were far stronger than the ten families of Guangyang City, whether in terms of strength, foundation or heritage.

                Such large families not only had a strong economic and strength base. More crucially, they also have a strong force base!

                Almost all of the descendants of these large families studied martial arts.

                Moreover, among the families, there were also all worshipping masters.

                For example, Feng Zhenguang's younger brother, Feng Wanjun, was a true expert, the third strongest ranked man in Guang Province, nicknamed Iron Fist Invincible.

                With a command from Feng Zhen Guang, the strongest members of the Feng family almost poured out and began to chase Lin Mo.

                Not only that, people from the Feng family also began to check surveillance and track Lin Mo with all their might.

                Feng Zhen Guang himself made an appointment with the Ten Great Families of Guang Province and spoke to the people of the Ten Great Families about the matter.

                The Ten Families had heard of Lin Mo's name for a long time, as the Huo Family had been brought down by Lin Mo.

                However, in the opinion of the Ten Great Families, Lin Mo was under the patronage of Nanba Tian and was able to defeat the Huo Family.

                The Ten Great Families did not even put Lin Mo in their eyes.

                If not for the existence of Nanba Tian, the Ten Families would have killed Lin Mo to prove to the world the strength of the Ten Families.

                Now, Lin Mo had gone to the provincial city and killed the young master of the Feng family, to the Ten Families, this was the greatest provocation.

                In addition, since Nanba Tian was about to leave recently, the Ten Families had long been stupid enough to want to swallow Guangyang City.

                Lin Mo was the biggest obstacle to them swallowing Guangyang City.

                As long as they got rid of Lin Mo, there would be no one left in Guangyang City to resist them.

                Therefore, upon learning this news, the Ten Great Families immediately agreed to help the Feng Family to hunt down Lin Mo.

                The ten great clans also sent out strong people from within their respective clans to blockade with all their might, their aim being to make it impossible for Lin Mo to return to Guangyang City!