Medical Genius Chapter 1314

 Lin Mo's clean and crisp strike caused everyone in the room to freeze.

                No one had expected that Lin Mo would have such a skill, and in one glance, he had taken down all the two hans.

                Feng Shao was also stunned, "A bit of skill!"

                "Heh, but how many people can you fight with just one person?"

                "Let's go together, kill him for me!"

                The twenty or so people behind Feng Shao immediately rushed up.

                These twenty or so people were different from the group of human traffickers that Lin Mo had tackled before.

                This group of people, who had obviously been trained, were not weak.

                Lin Mo did not dare to be careless, he rushed into the crowd with his dagger in hand and fought with these people.

                Nowadays, Lin Mo's strikes were very vicious, but anyone he hit would definitely be incapacitated.

                In the end, Lin Mo received a bloody cut on his shoulder and was smashed several times on his body.

                And all of Feng Shao's bodyguards were also taken down by Lin Mo.

                A third of them were directly decapitated, and the rest, either had their arms and legs broken, or had their tendons and hamstrings picked off by Lin Mo with a dagger.

                In any case, these twenty or so bodyguards were all completely powerless to fight back.

                Feng Shao was still sitting proudly on the sofa, and the skinny monkey was even full of cold smiles.

                However, as more and more people fell down, both of their faces gradually changed.

                When the last bodyguard fell, Feng Shao stood up straight away.

                He pointed at Lin Mo and roared, "You ...... who the hell are you?"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "My name is Lin Mo!"

                Feng Shao frowned: "Lin Mo? Lin Mo? How come it sounds so familiar?"

                At this moment, a man next to him suddenly whispered, "Guang Yang City Lin Mo?"

                "Isn't that ...... the one who got Huo Tiancheng killed?"

                Feng Shao's face changed and his eyes widened, "You ...... are the same Lin Mo who got Huo Tiancheng killed?"

                Lin Mo slowly nodded his head.

                Young Feng's face changed again.

                These big young men in the provincial city were all aware of Huo Tiancheng's matter.

                However, they also basically didn't put Lin Mo in their eyes much.

                After all, in their opinion, the reason Huo Tiancheng had died in Guangyang City was because he had violated Nanba Tian's rules.

                They simply didn't know how capable Lin Mo was!

                Now, they had seen with their own eyes what Lin Mo was capable of!

                Feng Shao gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, "So it's you!"

                "Hmph, Lin Mo, you really have some guts!"

                "It's not enough that you've made a deadly feud with the Huo family, what does this mean now? Do you still want to have an enmity with our Feng family?"

                Lin Mo: "I won't make a feud with the Feng family!"

                Feng Shao immediately gave a cold laugh, thinking that his family had scared Lin Mo.

                Who knew that Lin Mo followed up with, "Because, in the future, there will no longer be a Feng family in Guang Province!"

                Feng Shao was furious: "How dare you, how dare you provoke my top ten families in Guang Province?"

                "Do you really think you can be lawless just because Nanba Tian is backing you up?"

                "My Ten Families of Guang Province are not easy to bully!"

                "Do you believe me ......"

                Lin Mo got impatient and threw a slap at his face, directly knocking Feng Shao to the ground.

                Feng Shao was furious: "You dare to hit me ......"

                Who knew, Lin Mo stepped on his leg bone again, directly breaking his leg bone.

                Feng Shao screamed miserably and fell to the ground, unable to get up.

                The people around were shivering in fear, this was the Feng family young master.

                Lin Mo, how dare he hit him like this?

                Lin Mo walked up to the skinny monkey.

                The skinny monkey was almost pissing himself in fear now, he hurriedly begged, "Big brother, big brother, I know I'm wrong, you spare my life, I won't dare to do it again ......"

                Lin Mo stared at him and said in a cold voice, "I gave you a chance, but, you were the one who refused!"

                "I asked you to return the man to me, but you told me to come and find you."

                "Now that I've found you, do you think, I'll spare you?"