Medical Genius Chapter 1313

 Hearing these words, Slim Monkey's face instantly changed.

                He looked at Lin Mo with wide eyes, his face full of incredulity, "Surprisingly ...... surprisingly it's you!?"

                "How did you ...... you find this place?"

                Feng Shao frowned, "Monkey, you know?"

                The thin monkey immediately said, "Young Feng, this is the one I told you about, a little yakuza from Guangyang City."

                Feng Shao disdainfully brushed his mouth, "A piece of trash from Guangyang City who dares to come here to cause trouble?"

                "Monkey, settle it, don't affect the mood of the old man!"

                The skinny monkey immediately nodded, "Yes, Young Feng!"

                He stood up and pointed at Lin Mo, cursing, "Son of a bitch, you're pretty fucking capable, how could you find this place?"

                "But what can you do if you find this place?"

                "Let me tell you, in Guangyang City, you may be a bit capable."

                "But this isn't Guangyang City, you're a fucking dragon, you're a tiger, you're a tiger!"

                "Now I'll give you a chance, kneel down, kowtow and apologise to Mr Feng and all the other young men, I'll take off both your legs and this matter will be over!"

                "Otherwise, believe it or not, I'll rip your head off today!"

                Lin Mo slowly shook his head and said softly, "Even if you kowtow and apologize, this matter is not over!"

                "You, must die!"

                The skinny monkey couldn't help but stare, and then he laughed, "Aiyo, I can fuck you, you can really blow!"

                "Let me die? What gives you the right?"

                "Don't open your eyes and see what's going on!"

                "Just trash like you, how dare you say such arrogant words, believe me or not ......"

                Before he finished speaking, Lin Mo directly reached out and strangled his neck.

                The crowd around him burst into a ruckus, and a man grabbed a bottle and smashed it at Lin Mo: "Damn, how dare you do it?"

                "I'll kill you!"

                Lin Mo backhanded a fist, directly shattering the bottle.

                The fist, too, didn't stop there, hitting the man's face hard.

                This punch directly collapsed the man's nose, lost most of his teeth, and fell to the ground, directly fainting to death.

                All the people around were shocked.

                They had thought that Lin Mo was just a small man from Guangyang City, but who would have thought that Lin Mo would strike so hard!

                Feng Shao's face was cold as he said in a cold voice, "How dare you, how dare you make trouble on my turf?"

                "Are you looking down on me, or on my Feng family?"

                Lin Mo pointed at him, "Don't you talk too much!"

                "Don't worry, tonight, you won't survive either!"

                Young Feng froze, he had been running roughshod over the provincial city for so many years, but no one had dared to speak to him like that.

                He froze for a while, then suddenly burst out laughing, "Interesting! Interesting!"

                "This is the first time I've seen something as arrogant as you!"

                "Want me to die?"

                "Fine, I'd like to see how you can fucking make me die!"

                With that, Feng Shao suddenly pressed a button next to him.

                Not long after, a noisy footstep sound came from outside.

                The door to the room was suddenly opened and more than twenty sturdy men rushed in.

                These, all of them, were Feng Shao's bodyguards.

                Feng Shao sat on the sofa, crossing his legs, and looked at Lin Mo smugly, "Kid, come, repeat what you just said!"

                Lin Mo glanced at those people disdainfully and said in a cold voice, "No need to repeat!"

                "I'm telling you, this time, not only will you have to die, even your Feng family, will be finished!"

                Feng Shao was furious, "Fuck you, where did that psychopath come from that dared to talk like that?"

                "Go on, kill him for me!"

                Immediately, two men rushed towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo pulled out his dagger and dashed forward, the dagger instantly sliced through the neck of one of the men.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo struck another heavy blow to the temple of another man, and this man also passed out on the spot.