Medical Genius Chapter 1311

 Brother Pao did not expect Lin Mo to be so fast and had no time to react.

                He saw that the punch was about to hit him in the chest, but then, Lin Mo suddenly stopped.

                The punch stopped an inch away from his chest.

                Brother Pao was a little confused, not knowing why Lin Mo had suddenly shown mercy.

                But just as he was bewildered, Lin Mo's fist suddenly moved.

                Wing Chun, Inch Fist!

                Within an inch, but with the force of a thousand pounds!

                This punch struck Brother Pao's chest, and Brother Pao only felt as if he had been struck by a heavy hammer.

                The tremendous force made him clearly feel that several of his ribs were broken.

                He was unsteady on his feet and flew straight backwards, smashing the table behind him to pieces.

                Landing on the ground, just as he tried to get up, a sharp pain shot through his chest, causing him to almost faint.

                Immediately afterwards, several mouthfuls of blood spurted out wildly and he shrivelled straight to the ground, unable to stand up again.

                With just one punch, Brother Pao really couldn't stand up!

                The people around him were all confused.

                They had clearly seen Brother Pao's strength, and in their opinion, it was as easy as a handful for Brother Pao to kill Lin Mo.

                Who would have thought that Brother Pao would not even be able to withstand a single punch in front of Lin Mo?

                What the hell was going on here?

                Lin Mo's expression was calm, as if he had done a very simple thing.

                He swept his gaze across the crowd at the scene, "Now, it's your turn!"

                These people were only trembling in fear.

                A man who could beat Brother Pao so badly that he couldn't stand up with one punch, how could they be a match?

                The man from before trembled, "Kid, you ...... have a lot of guts."

                "Do you ...... know that this is the property of the Feng family, one of the ten families."

                "You're making trouble here, then ...... that's going against the Ten Great Families!"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he just walked up to him and directly punched him so hard that he spat blood from his smooth mouth.

                "How about the Feng family?"

                "What about the Ten Great Families?"

                "If they dare to harbour such a thing, I dare to fight them to the death!"

                As he spoke, Lin Mo had already rushed up and knocked all those remaining people to the ground.

                Only after finishing these men did Lin Mo walk over to Brother Pao's side.

                After some interrogation, Lin Mo finally got the news he wanted to know.

                Lin Xi had, indeed, been brought to the Royal Respect Club.

                However, Feng Shao was looking for Slim Monkey for something. Therefore, no one paid any attention to Lin Xi either, and she was still lying inside Skinny Monkey's car.

                Hearing this, Lin Mo's heart felt as if it was being pierced by needles.

                This was his most beloved sister, but in the eyes of others, it was like rubbish that could be thrown around?

                When Lin Xi arrived, her injuries were already not light.

                Thrown in the car for so long with no one paying attention, who knew whether she was dead or alive now!

                Lin Mo grabbed Brother Pao and had him lead him to the car park at the back.

                In this car park, Lin Mo found Skinny Monkey's car.

                Looking inside through the car window, Lin Xi was lying on the back seat, motionless, and wondering what the hell was going on now.

                Fortunately, the skinny monkey still wanted to make a fortune out of Lin Xi, so he didn't intend to let her die.

                The car's sunroof was half open, the air inside should be fine.

                Lin Mo directly cracked the car glass and hurried over to pick up Lin Xi.

                Luckily, Lin Xi's breathing was weak, but at least she was still breathing.

                Lin Mo breathed a long sigh of relief as he hurriedly took out a small rejuvenating pill and fed it to Lin Xi.

                As he watched Lin Xi's breathing stabilise, Lin Mo's hanging heart finally dropped.

                However, the murderous aura in his heart was getting heavier and heavier.

                He called Tiger's people and had them rush over and pick Lin Xi up first.

                This time, even Xiao Ke was following in person.

                Lin Mo instructed them to send Lin Xi back to Guangyang City, while he, on the other hand, returned to the Royal Respect Club.

                Tonight, he was going to make a scene at the Royal Respect Clubhouse, he was going to make these people, Slim Monkey, pay with their lives!