Medical Genius Chapter 1310

 Lin Mo walked step by step towards Brother Pao, his expression cold, "Don't worry, even if you beg for mercy, I won't spare you!"

                "So, you'd better fight me with all your strength!"

                Brother Pao laughed angrily, "Where is this kid from who doesn't know what he's doing, how dare he talk to me like that!"

                "How dare you take a look at yourself!"

                "You want to fight with me? Who do you think you are?"

                "Go on, break both his legs and make him kneel on the ground and talk to me!"

                The man next to him immediately nodded, "Yes, Brother Pao!"

                He walked aggressively in front of Lin Mo and looked at him with an arrogant expression, "Kid, I don't care who you really are!"

                "However, since you've entered here and, moreover, offended Brother Leopard, then you must die!"

                "Hmph, you still dare to shout at Brother Pao?"

                "Do you know who Brother Pao is?"

                "Let me tell you, Brother Pao, is the senior brother of our young Feng."

                "His master, is the third ranked expert in our Guang Province, Feng Wanjun, the invincible Iron Fist of the Feng Family!"

                "For someone like you, Brother Pao could crush you with one hand!"

                Lin Mo stood with his arms folded, "Have you finished your nonsense?"

                "Are you prepared to fight me, or are you prepared to convince me?"

                The man roared in anger, "Fuck, you're really crazy!"

                "Fine, I'll show you what you're made of today!"

                "Kill him for me!"

                A tall man next to him immediately rushed up and kicked Lin Mo directly in the chest.

                This man was extremely large and full of muscles, so he didn't look simple.

                The power of this kick was also very powerful and looked extremely intimidating.

                Brother Pao nodded, in his opinion, Lin Mo's small body, this kick could directly send Lin Mo flying.

                Lin Mo did not dodge or evade, he directly met it with a punch.

                This punch struck this man squarely on the sole of his shoe.

                The crowd only heard a click as this strong man's leg bone was broken by Lin Mo's punch.

                The strong man flew out backwards and fell to the ground, letting out a harsh scream.

                All the people around were stunned, and Brother Pao's eyes widened.

                He put his teacup down next to him and looked Lin Mo up and down, "So you're still a practitioner!"

                "No wonder you dare to be so arrogant!"

                "But, with this level of skill, how dare you come to me and fool around?"

                "What a ridiculous way to shake a big tree!"

                The people around them also laughed wildly, especially the earliest man, who pointed at Lin Mo and laughed loudly, "Kid, you really don't know how high the sky is!"

                "Brother Pao's strength is such that even the experts of the Ten Great Families have to admire it!"

                "What the hell are you, and you dare to come here to spill your guts?"

                Lin Mo's expression remained unchanged as he said in a cold voice, "Are you guys going to fight, or not?"

                The crowd looked at Brother Pao in unison.

                Brother Leopard sneered and stood up, violently ripping off his shirt to reveal his lean muscles inside.

                He showed off his full body of muscles first, and amidst the roar of approval from the crowd, he walked up to Lin Mo in a smug manner.

                "Kid, I'm only going to make three moves."

                "If you can hold out, I'll spare your life!"

                Brother Leopard said aloud.

                The crowd around them roared in approval, all looking at Brother Leopard with adoring faces.

                Brother Pao was full of smugness, he especially enjoyed this feeling of being worshipped by the crowd.

                Lin Mo looked at him coldly, "I'll only throw one punch!"

                "If you can take one punch from me and not fall, I can spare you too!"

                Brother Pao was furious: "You're pretty fucking crazy, aren't you?"

                "Since you want to die, I'll let you do it!"

                "Look at the fist!"

                Brother Pao roared, and took a step forward, his right fist was like a thunderbolt, smashing towards Lin Mo's temple.

                Lin Mo's left arm swept across, directly deflecting his fist.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo's right fist swung out and instantly reached Brother Pao's chest!