Medical Genius Chapter 131-133

 Chapter 131

Seeing that Wu Qian was still there, Chen Shengyuan had a disgusted look on his face, "Mr. Lin, what about this bitch?"

                Wu Qian shivered in fear and hurriedly said, "Lin ...... Lin, I know I'm wrong ......"

                "I ...... I will definitely live a good life with Deng Jun in the future and never leave them master again ......"

                "You give me a chance ......"

                Lin Mo ton of anger: "Get out!"

                "What qualifications do you have to be with my brother? Are you worthy?"

                "Throw her out for me!"

                Chen Shengyuan waved his hand, and several people came up and dragged Wu Qian out without a word.

                "Say, what is it that you want from me?" Lin Mo asked.

                Chen Shengyuan smiled sarcastically, "It's like this, Mr. Lin, have you heard of the medical exchange meeting in the six southern provinces?"

                Lin Mo shook his head.

                Chen Shengyuan said, "It's a medical exchange meeting jointly organised by the six southern provinces, once a year."

                "It is said to be an exchange of medical skills, but in fact, it is a matter of deciding on the distribution of medical resources in the six southern provinces."

                "To put it simply, for example, the medicine produced by Xu's Pharmaceutical overlaps with the medicine produced by some pharmaceutical companies in other provinces and cities."

                "Then, how can the same medicine, with different brands, be sold in the six southern provinces?"

                Lin Mo was surprised: "What's wrong with that?"

                "Aren't all of these things chosen by the pharmacies and customers themselves?"

                Chen Shengyuan nodded, "At first it was indeed like that, but some problems happened later."

                "In order to compete for the market, those pharmaceutical companies started to fight a price war."

                "The end result led to some small pharmaceutical companies being dragged down by the price war, and the big companies couldn't make much money."

                "The same situation is not only above pharmaceutical companies, but also in various hospitals, medical institutions, medical equipment companies and so on. But anything related to medicine will encounter such competition."

                Lin Mo frowned as he recalled Xu Pharmaceutical.

                No wonder Xu Pharmaceutical almost collapsed a few years ago, it seemed to be because of this.

                Chen Shengyuan: "For this reason, those few big families in the six southern provinces joined together and came up with this medical exchange meeting."

                "It is held once a year, and the medical exchange is actually a competition of medical skills."

                "The place that wins in the end will be able to get the most benefits."

                "And the place that loses, has to give up a portion of their benefits."

                Lin Mo looked at Chen Shengyuan and said softly, "Is this Mr. Chen's intention for me to step in and help Guang Province?"

                Chen Shengyuan smiled awkwardly, "I really can't hide this little thought of mine from Mr. Lin."

                "In these few years, Guang Province has been at the bottom of the list one after another, and medical resources are scarce to the extreme."

                "I wanted to open the Shengyuan Pharmacy to other provinces a few years ago, but due to the successive failures in Guang Province, I have been unable to open it."

                "Including Xu Pharmaceutical, the main business is also limited to some cities in Guang Province and cannot open up the market."

                "If we win in Guang Province this time, Sheng Yuan Pharmacy alone can triple its assets within a year."

                "Mr. Lin, if you are willing to step in and let Guang Province win. Sacred Origin Pharmacy, I will give you 10% of the shares!"

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment and slowly shook his head, "This matter, I can't make a move!"

                "I don't want too many people to know about my medical skills!"

                Although Lin Mo had obtained the inheritance of the family jade pendant, this matter involved the family's extermination in the first place.

                He did not want to expose himself before he had accumulated enough strength.

                He had to keep a low profile, build up his strength and investigate the matter of the initial family extermination.

                Otherwise, why would he be so insulted by Xu Jiangong Fang Hui, but not dare to show his strength in front of them?

Chapter 132

Chen Shengyuan's face showed disappointment, but he still nodded, "Understood!"

                Next, Lin Mo went straight to the Shengshi Mansion.

                Tiger was really reliable in his work and had already moved all of Deng Jun's belongings over.

                Along with him, there was a woman in her fifties.

                This was Deng Jun's neighbour, and Deng Jun called her Aunt Chen.

                She is a very nice person and helps to take care of Nini when Deng Jun is not at home.

                Aunt Chen usually does some handicraft work at home and earns more than a thousand a month to supplement the family.

                When Tiger wanted to send his nanny to Deng Jun, Deng Jun thought about it and thought it would be better to hire Aunt Chen.

                For one thing, Aunt Chen really likes Nini, and for another, she is an acquaintance, and Deng Jun is more at ease when she takes care of Nini.

                He gave Aunt Chen 30,000 yuan on the spot, which he said was half a year's salary.

                In this way, the monthly salary would be five thousand yuan.

                Aunt Chen was stunned, her husband didn't earn 5,000 yuan a month even when he was delivering goods for others.

                She didn't even dare to take it, but the tiger shoved it into her hand.

                Teng Jun was there to persuade her to take it.

                With this salary, she no longer had to do manual work.

                Her job was to stay here at the villa and look after Nini without fear.

                In order to make things more convenient, Tiger gave up a three-bedroom apartment near his house, so that Aunt Chen's family could also move in, without charging rent.

                This way, Aunt Chen could still return home occasionally and it was convenient for her to see her family.

                When Lin Mo saw what Tiger had done, he was quite satisfied.

                This tiger was indeed resourceful in what he did.

                Only Deng Jun had an embarrassed face.

                He was too embarrassed to accept this villa given to him by Tiger.

                Now, the money for the nanny was also paid by Tiger.

                Even the place where the nanny lived was arranged by Tiger.

                All those unpleasant things before were now gone.

                "Brother Tiger, this ...... all this is really too much trouble for you too ......"

                "Or else, this money is counted as my loan to you."

                "When I make money later, I will pay you back!"

                Tiger quickly waved his hand, "Brother Jun, you can't say this to me."

                "This is all I should do, we are family, if you say this, you are looking down on me!"

                "Money is nothing, if you say this to me again, then I'll turn against you!"

                Lin Mo laughed and patted Deng Jun's shoulder, "It's alright, when you go back to work, just arrange a position for Tiger!"

                "More pay, that's not all!"

                Deng Jun couldn't help but stare and whispered, "Lin Zi, don't talk nonsense!"

                "Brother Tiger is in big business, making hundreds and millions of dollars a month."

                "What position can I ...... I put him in ......"

                Tiger but his eyes lit up, he knew that Lin Mo asked Deng Jun to arrange a position for him, that is to let him transfer to Lin Mo's side to work.

                What is important is that he is working for Lin Mo in the future, and status is the key!

                As for making money, hehe, with Lin Mo's status, if he wanted to make money in the future, would it be hard?

                "Brother Jun, then I'll be following you from now on!"

                Tiger immediately said, "Any position is fine, I am a person who is not afraid of hardship, I can do anything!"

Chapter 133

Finally, at Lin Mo's behest, Deng Jun arranged for Tiger to go to the company to work for him as an assistant.

                Lin Mo wrote two remedies for Deng Jun, one for Nini and one for Deng Jun.

                The one for Deng Jun was to treat Deng Jun's leg injury, and later Deng Jun could recover as usual.

                In the afternoon, Lin Mo went to see Xu Hanxia and told her about Deng Jun.

                Xu Hanxia immediately agreed.

                She now trusted Lin Mo and listened to him on everything, quite like a little woman.

                Xu Hanxia personally resigned herself to the order, and the matter was fixed straight away.

                On the other hand, Huang Liang was the first to get the news.

                He immediately ran to find Xu Jiangong Fang Hui, adding oil and vinegar to the story.

                Xu Jiangong was furious and shot up, "Lin Mo, this beastly son of a bitch, is too much!"

                "Promising himself not to be the boss, and then turning around and finding his friend to be the boss, what's the difference between that and him being the boss?"

                "Does he really take us all for fools?"

                "No, I have to go find Hanxia!"

                Huang Liang hurriedly said, "Dad, it's useless for you to go find Sister Hanxia now!"

                "Think about it, Sister Hanxia is now being fooled by Lin Mo. Everything is on Lin Mo's side."

                "If you go to her, you'll have a big fight, but nothing will come of it."

                "The more you argue with her, the better she will think Lin Mo is?"

                Xu Jiangong frowned, "Then you can't just do nothing!"

                "Can't I just sit at home and watch Lin Mo swallow up all of my Xu family's properties?"

                Huang Liang smiled, "Dad, don't worry, I'll arrange this."

                "Over at the company, there are a few of my buddies."

                "I'll give them a shout, today, let that new boss who went there not be able to do his job."

                "If Hanxia's sister pursues the blame later, you come out to stop it and not make a big deal out of it, that will be fine."

                Xu Jiangong's eyes lit up, "Really?"

                "That's great!"

                "Xiao Huang, you're still reliable."

                "That Lin Mo is really heaven and earth compared to you!"

                Huang Xin was secretly happy.

                When he used to be the manager of the herbal company, he had placed several of his fox friends in important positions in the herbal company.

                Although he was fired later, these friends were still there, so he was able to control the affairs of the herb company.

                Now that he has cleaned up the new boss, the company will be back in his hands.

                He regarded the herbal company as his own property, so how could he let others get their hands on it?

                Lin Mo took Deng Jun the tiger into the herb company and was telling Deng Jun about the company's business when a group of people walked in.

                "So you're the new boss?"

                A straggly, long-haired man at the head asked, his eyes tinged with disdain.

                Lin Mo: "That's right, this is your new boss, Deng Jun!"

                The long-haired man was outright furious: "Did I fucking ask you?"

                "You're a fucking door-to-door son-in-law, do you really take yourself seriously, do you really think that the Xu family's estate, is yours?"

                "What, do you really think you can show off your power here after you've made that bitch Xu Hanxia feel better?"

                "I'm telling you, I don't give a damn about you!"

                "This is not your place to talk, get out!"

                Lin Mo frowned, this group of people were clearly here to cause trouble.

                He was just about to speak when Tiger walked straight over.