Medical Genius Chapter 1309

 After finishing these four people, Lin Mo did not stop.

                He continued on and walked into the next room.

                In this room, there was only a pair of men and women.

                The man had a girl pinned to him and was committing violence.

                The girl looked very young and she desperately resisted, but all she got in return was a few slaps from the man.

                The girl was crying out and clutching her clothes in desperation, trying desperately to guard her chastity.

                But the man couldn't care less, the more the girl screamed, the happier he laughed.

                Lin Mo walked forward, grabbed the man by the neck and carried him straight off the bed.

                The man tried to resist, but Lin Mo dragged him to the wall, pressed his neck and slammed his head against the wall.

                After several blows in quick succession, the man's head was covered in blood and he collapsed to the ground, passed out.

                Lin Mo continued on, and in each room, similar things happened.

                Lin Mo walked all the way through and beat down the whole way.

                The further he went, the angrier he became in his heart, and the harder he hit.

                All the way to the end, Lin Mo came to the big room at the end.

                The screams coming from inside were the loudest.

                Lin Mo glanced in through the doorway, it was completely a hall now, about three hundred square feet.

                In here, there were probably a dozen men.

                Among them, there was also a tall man with bulging temples, sitting at a table drinking tea.

                Next to him were a dozen iron cages, and inside the iron cages, more than twenty girls were kept.

                And on the other side, there were several iron racks.

                Several girls were hanging from the iron frames and there were several men, who were beating them.

                This was the place where the girls were being tortured.

                The girls were screaming as they were beaten, and the girls in the cage were shivering and pale as they watched.

                After beating them for a while, the tall man waved his hand, "All right, stop!"

                "You're so delicate, how can you entertain guests in the future if you break your skin?"

                The men stopped immediately and one of them laughed, "Since Brother Pao has begged for mercy for you, I'll spare your lives!"

                "Next time I hear that you don't serve the guests properly, I'll chop off your hands and feet and throw you out to beg for food!"

                The girls were so scared that they kept choking.

                The man's face was full of triumph as he pointed at the girls in the cage again, "You all saw that too, didn't you?"

                "That's what happens when you don't listen!"

                "Who wants to be like them?"

                No one dared to speak.

                The man's expression was even more smug as he walked over to Brother Leopard and whispered, "Brother Leopard, there are some new girls who have recently arrived.

                Brother Leopard put down his cup and said slowly, "Sure."

                "It's idle anyway, bring them over and I'll have a look!"

                The man smiled sarcastically and nodded his head, just about to leave.

                At that moment, Lin Mo pushed the door and walked in.

                In full view of everyone, he unlocked the door to the room.

                All the people in the room were surprised, and the man just now pointed at Lin Mo: "What are you doing?"

                "Who are you?"

                "Who let you in?"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he locked the door of the room behind him before he turned his head and looked at the crowd indifferently.

                Brother Leopard frowned, "Who is this?"

                "Why haven't you seen him before?"

                The man waved his hand, "Damn it, didn't you hear Brother Pao ask you?"

                "Are you looking for death?"

                A few men at the door also looked coldly at Lin Mo, and walked towards him step by step.

                Lin Mo swept his gaze over these men and finally landed on Brother Pao.

                "How can a man who practices martial arts produce a scum like you?"

                Lin Mo asked in a cold voice.

                Brother Pao was furious and shot up, "How dare you fucking curse?"

                "Do you know who I am?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "I don't need to know who you are!"

                "All I know is that soon, you will become a dead man!"

                Brother Leopard first froze, then threw back his head and laughed wildly, "Kid, you're really wild!"

                "Just by you, you still want to kill me?"

                "F*ck, don't f*cking kneel down and beg for mercy later!"