Medical Genius Chapter 1308

 The man said in a trembling voice: "Down there ...... down there is where those girls are kept for training ......"

                Lin Mo: "Detention? Training?"

                "What do you mean?"

                The man no longer dared to have a small mind at this point and hurriedly told the specifics.

                It turned out that every once in a while, Skinny Monkey would send some abducted girls to their place to serve the guests of the Royal Respect Club.

                However, when these girls first arrived here, they were definitely not obedient.

                Therefore, when they first arrived here, they would be kept in the basement and then they would get special people to train them.

                They are trained until they dare not disobey, and only then are they slowly released to serve the customers.

                During this training process, the thugs in the club would sneak in and humiliate the girls.

                This man, who had just gone down and insulted a girl, had just come up.

                Only then did Lin Mo know what was going on down there, and his face instantly turned cold.

                Although he had some guesses before, he had not expected that what was going on in here was even nastier than he had imagined.

                Behind such a glamorous clubhouse, such evil was hidden!

                He grabbed the man and let him lead the way, going straight to the basement.

                The skinny monkey had brought Lin Xi here, so maybe he had put her in the basement too.

                The man opened the door to the room, and the two of them circled around a few times before finally opening a hidden door, which led them into the basement.

                After passing through a long dark corridor, there was a sudden light in front of them.

                This basement, in fact, was not much different from the upper floors, and there were also many rooms.

                Standing in the corridor, Lin Mo could hear the cries of misery and pleas for mercy coming from inside, as well as the sounds of some men scolding angrily and laughing maniacally.

                Lin Mo's face became even colder.

                He took a deep breath and suddenly knocked the man leading the way to the ground. Then, turning around, he went back and locked the door to the room he had entered.

                After doing all this, Lin Mo only walked straight over.

                He walked straight into the first room.

                Inside the room, there were four strong men playing cards.

                On the floor next to them, there were also a few naked girls lying on the floor, all of whom had obviously just been ravaged.

                Seeing someone enter, one of the strong men casually said, "Down to play too?"

                "I'll tell you what, that one in room nine is really good, you ......"

                Just as he said this, his voice came to an abrupt halt.

                Because, he suddenly realized that he didn't even know the person in front of him.

                "What are you?"

                The burly man immediately gave an angry rebuke.

                The other three strong men also stood up and looked at Lin Mo intently.

                Lin Mo backhandedly closed the door to the room, and without saying a word, he directly leapt up with an arrow step, and with a frontal punch, first knocked the strong man in the lead to the ground.

                The other three were all furious: "Damn it, fight!"

                One of them picked up a chair and slammed it down on Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo kicked over, shattering the chair.

                Immediately afterwards, he lunged forward, and his body was like a cannonball, hitting this man's chest hard.

                The man was knocked straight out of the room, his chest was dented, his ribs were obviously broken, and he was vomiting blood from his mouth.

                The other two men had already pounced down, and one of them opened his arms, trying to hold Lin Mo in place.

                Lin Mo didn't dodge, he just clasped his wrists with his backhand and held him firmly in place.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo stomped on his knees and flipped backwards in one smooth motion.

                The man's arms were twisted and he let out a scream.

                But Lin Mo didn't care about that and twisted both of his arms before he stopped.

                When the last strong man saw this, he knew something was wrong and turned around to run.

                But Lin Mo was one step ahead of him and kicked him directly in the temple, and this man fell to the ground and fainted on the spot!