Medical Genius Chapter 1307

 Lin Mo: "I'm here to find Brother Monkey."

                Waiter: "Oh, you're looking for Brother Monkey?"

                "Sorry, Brother Monkey is upstairs having a drink with Young Feng."

                "Why don't you wait here for a while?"

                Lin Mo: "I have something important to ask Brother Monkey."

                "Can you take me upstairs first?"

                The waiter had a difficult face, "This big brother, I'm really sorry."

                "When Feng Shao is drinking, he doesn't like to be disturbed."

                "How about you wait here for a moment?"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, it looked like it was impossible to fool up like this.

                His eyes rolled and he suddenly said, "That's fine, I'll go back to the car and wait."

                "Oh, by the way, which room are they in, Brother Monkey?"

                The waiter gave Lin Mo a surprised look, "Big brother, how come they go to a private room when Young Feng invites them for a drink?"

                "They must be on the ninth floor!"

                "That's Young Feng's home base!"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything either, he just turned around and walked away.

                The waiter was a bit puzzled, but didn't think too much of it.

                Lin Mo had just turned out the door when he quietly slipped to the back of the building again.

                He circled around and found a back door at the back of the building.

                The back door was locked, and Lin Mo walked over and tried to press it with his hand, and found that the lock was not very strong.

                He pressed his hand against the lock and gave a fierce push, and with a soft thud, the lock was pushed open hard.

                Lin Mo dodged in and closed the door in the process.

                Once inside, there was a long corridor.

                Lin Mo followed the corridor all the way forward, and when he was almost at the end, there were suddenly footsteps coming from in front of him.

                The corridor was long and there were rooms on both sides, and the doors of the rooms were all closed.

                There was no place for Lin Mo to hide, so he could only keep his head down and continue to walk forward.

                Soon, a man turned around the corner in front of him.

                The man had a cigarette in his mouth and a hangdog look.

                When he saw Lin Mo, he didn't care, he just smiled heatedly, "What's the matter, planning to go in and have some fun too?"

                "I tell you, the quality of the chicks that came this time is really nothing to write home about!"

                "One, in particular, is said to have just graduated from high school, just turned eighteen, just got into a prestigious university, and let the monkeys and the others abduct her."

                "Holy shit, that skin, it's really tender, you must try it ......"

                Lin Mo listened with a frown, in this, were there also abducted girls?

                He casually coped with a few words, and this corridor was not very bright, so the man did not even notice who he was.

                It was only when he got all the way to the front that the man realized something was wrong: "Are you ...... you new here? How come I haven't seen you before ......"

                Just at that moment, Lin Mo also directly shot out his hand and snapped a hand around the man's neck.

                The man tried to resist all too late, and was pressed hard against the wall by Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo dragged him to the end of the corridor, so that he could also prevent anyone else from coming out.

                He looked at the other side of the corridor, where there was a door that looked as if it was a room.

                Lin Mo took out a dagger and pressed it against the man's neck, lowering his voice and saying, "Be honest, do you understand?"

                The man nodded his head repeatedly, the coldness of the dagger made his heart skip a beat.

                Lin Mo: "What's in here for?"

                Man: "This ...... is the passage to the basement."

                Lin Mo: "The basement?"

                "What's the basement for?"

                The man gave Lin Mo a puzzled look, "The basement, just ...... is the basement, where things are stored ......"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he choked the man's neck and directly stabbed the dagger in a bit.

                The man was strangled by the throat, although it was very painful, but could not make a sound.

                Lin Mo: "Don't lie to me!"

                "Otherwise, I'll kill you just the same!"

                The man shook his head repeatedly, signalling that he didn't dare to lie anymore.

                Lin Mo pulled the dagger out and said in a low voice: "Say, what's going on down there?"