Medical Genius Chapter 1305

 The man immediately turned around and tried to run, but Lin Mo was one step ahead of him and kicked him directly in the knee.

                The man's leg bone was broken and he fell to the ground, clutching his knee and wailing.

                He had just shouted twice when a cold knife was placed on his neck.

                The man immediately begged, "Big brother, big brother, spare me ......"

                Lin Mo stepped on his head and looked at him indifferently, "Where's Slim Monkey?"

                "Where is the little girl he brought back from Guangyang City?"

                The man's face was pale: "Brother Monkey ...... Brother Monkey didn't come back ......"

                Lin Mo frowned: "You're lying!"

                "I received word that he has returned to the provincial city!"

                The man said urgently, "Big brother, what I said is true."

                "Monkey is back in the provincial city, but ...... but he didn't come here."

                "After he came back, he went to the Royal Respect Club, we ...... haven't seen anyone else ah!"

                Lin Mo: "The Royal Respect Clubhouse?"

                "Where is it?"

                Man: "It's in the southern suburbs."

                Lin Mo: "What is he doing at the Royal Respect Clubhouse?"

                The man shook his head, "I don't know, it was Young Feng who was looking for him, so he went there."

                "Big brother, about him, I ...... I really don't know, it really has nothing to do with me ......"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "Who is Feng Shao?"

                Man: "It ...... is the second son of the Feng family."

                "The Royal Respect Club, that is the property of Feng Shao!"

                Lin Mo: "The Feng Family of the Ten Families?"

                The man immediately nodded: "Yes ...... yes ......"

                "Young Feng is very close to Brother Monkey, the two of them are iron friends."

                Lin Mo's face gradually turned cold.

                The man with the black mole had said before that the skinny monkey was involved with the Ten Families.

                Now, it seemed that he should be involved with this Feng family.

                He asked some more questions and found out that this man indeed did not know about Lin Xi's affairs.

                Lin Mo's heart hung in the air even more.

                Lin Xi had not been sent here, so could she really be in a bad way?

                Lin Mo took out his mobile phone and called Tiger's people, asking them to take over this side.

                After that, Lin Mo opened a few other rooms to see if there were any other children.

                As a result, when he opened these rooms and took a look, Lin Mo almost didn't burst out.

                In these rooms, there were small children hidden.

                The small children in one of the rooms, who had already had their arms and legs cut off, were all placed inside the room to rest.

                These small children's wounds were all rotten and stank to high heaven, yet no one paid any attention to them at all.

                Lin Mo took a closer look and found that there were even two corpses inside.

                These were the ones who had died of inflammation after their wounds had not been treated in time after their arms and legs had been cut off.

                The most horrifying part was the innermost room, and inside this room, several corpses had been thrown.

                The organs of these corpses had been almost gutted, and they had obviously been sold.

                As Lin Mo looked at these tender children, he could only feel the blood rushing to his head all over his body.

                He knew that these people did evil things, but he had never thought that these people could do such heartless things!

                He walked out of the room and without saying a word, he simply grabbed the machetes on the floor.

                One by one, he cut off the arms and legs of all these people in the room and left them lying in a pool of blood.

                He wanted to make these people feel the pain those little children had suffered!

                After that, Lin Mo simply carried his weapon and went around the entire farm.

                There were quite a few people in the farm, all of whom were accomplices of these people.

                When Lin Mo saw one, he hacked one over, and eventually, he cut down all these people before he could reduce some of his anger.

                And inside, Lin Mo found many more women and children who had been abducted.

                They looked like cattle, locked up in cages, their eyes full of fear.

                Lin Mo's heart was getting colder and colder, and he had already made up his mind.

                No matter who the people behind the skinny monkeys really were, Lin Mo would make them pay a painful price!