Medical Genius Chapter 1304

 Lin Mo immediately ran to the back.

                At the back of this, there was a single courtyard.

                From the surface, it looked as if it was a place for people to live.

                But in fact, when Lin Mo walked up to it, he smelt a strong smell of blood and a putrid odour.

                He quietly opened the door to the room and glanced in through the crack.

                There were lights on in the living room, and there were a few hans sitting on the sofa playing cards.

                And in the inner room, there were faint screams coming from what were obviously the voices of small children.

                Lin Mo frowned slightly as he quietly went around to the back and came to the window of the inner room.

                Looking in through the window, there were two people in the room.

                One of them, dressed as if he was a butcher, was carrying a bone-cutting knife in his hand.

                The other, smoking a cigarette, said impatiently, "Oops, hurry up and chop."

                "What's the difference between that and chopping a dog?"

                "What a delay, there are several more waiting to be chopped outside."

                There were several others waiting to be cut outside." In his words, he did not treat the boy as a human being at all.

                In the middle of the room was a cot, on which lay a small child of less than ten years old.

                The child was tied up tightly, with one arm exposed.

                The butcher-like man, carrying a bone-cutting knife, gestured at his arm as if he was about to cut it down.

                The little child was trembling with fear, crying out and pleading, but no one paid any attention.

                And on the ground next to him, there was another small child, falling in a pool of blood, his arm already cut off and fainting from the pain.

                The miserable scream just now should have come from him.

                Seeing this scene, Lin Mo only felt the blood all over his body converge to the top of his head.

                He had only heard of such a thing, but had never seen it with his own eyes.

                Now that he saw this scene, in his heart, there was only a killing intent!

                He broke the window and rushed straight to the bedside.

                He grabbed the butcher's wrist just as he was about to cut down.

                Lin Mo grabbed the bone-cutting knife and slashed directly at the butcher's arm, cutting it off with a hard blow.

                The butcher let out a scream and covered his wound, falling to the ground and rolling around, his blood soon staining his clothes red.

                Before the man next to him could react, Lin Mo had already swung his blade over and directly cut off his neck.

                The man, who didn't even have a chance to react, died tragically on the spot!

                Lin Mo kicked the butcher in the face, and the butcher directly shut his mouth, unable to make a sound at all.

                However, at this moment, the people playing cards outside also heard the commotion inside.

                A man directly threw his cards away and cursed, "I told you to cut a dog, why did you make such a big noise?"

                "Can't you do anything?"

                Cursing and swearing, he had just pushed open the door when a knife slashed directly at his neck.

                The man fell straight to the ground.

                All the people behind him were taken aback and stood up just in time to see Lin Mo, who was covered in blood, walk out.

                The clothes on Lin Mo's body were already stained with blood, all of which was someone else's blood.

                His eyes were covered in blood, emitting a bloody glow, and all over his body, he was emitting a terrifyingly fierce aura!

                At this moment, he was like a beast that would devour people, and that gaze alone made these few people feel fearful.

                One of the leading men shivered and said, "You ...... how did you get in here?"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he just walked towards them step by step.

                The man's face was terrified and he waved his hand violently, "Damn it, cut him down!"

                As he spoke, he himself quietly took a step backwards.

                Those around him took out their weapons and roared as they pounced on Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he rushed forward and knocked all these men to the ground in three blows.

                In the end, only the man was left frozen in place.

                He had never dreamed that six or seven people on his side would not even last two minutes.