Medical Genius Chapter 1303

 The leader of the men said, "Brother Monkey is not here, what's wrong, what happened?"

                The black-marked man looked at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice, "Let's go in first and talk about it."

                Those few people were all a little surprised, not knowing what Lin Mo's identity really was.

                However, thinking that it was brought by the black-marked man, they didn't care.

                After all, the black mole man had been working with them for many years.

                The crowd walked inside the farm, and Lin Mo walked along, looking around the whole way.

                This place, indeed, looked like a farm, and no one would suspect it at all.

                However, who would have thought that this place, in fact, was the stronghold of these human traffickers?

                When they entered the house, there were six or seven other men in the house, drinking together with their bare arms.

                Next to them, there were a few unclothed women sitting with frightened faces.

                In the inner room, there was a constant sound of women screaming and men laughing wildly.

                The six or seven men seemed not to have heard the voices at all, ignoring the situation around them.

                The door of one of the rooms was open a crack.

                Lin Mo looked through the crack and saw a man in the room, pressing a girl underneath him and committing mad violence.

                The girl tried her best to resist, but in return, all she got was a few slaps from the man and even more frantic violence.

                The man from earlier brought Lin Mo and the others in, and only then did he get a good look at the black-marked man.

                He had a surprised look on his face, "Aiya, Old Black, what's wrong with you?"

                "Why did your leg break?"

                The black-marked man didn't say anything, but Lin Mo had already walked over.

                He grabbed a silver needle in his right hand and stabbed it directly on this man's body.

                The man was frozen on the spot and slowly fell to the ground.

                The few men drinking over there didn't care either.

                Lin Mo walked over and the silver needle stabbed down on these men one by one.

                In the end, these few men all fell down.

                The black mole man was dumbfounded, he had no idea what Lin Mo had done.

                The men in the room were also defenceless, so they did not even have a chance to fight back.

                Only after Lin Mo had taken down all these men did he walk into the inner room.

                The man in the room was insulting the girl when someone suddenly came in, causing him to burst into a direct rage.

                "Fuck you, who are you?"

                "Can't you see I'm busy, get out!"

                The man cursed angrily.

                Lin Mo walked over, directly grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up.

                The man punched him with his backhand and cursed incoherently, "Fuck you, I'll kill you!"

                Lin Mo punched him directly in the chest.

                This punch caused the man to break a few ribs on the spot, and he couldn't even lift his arm, vomiting blood down his mouth.

                Lin Mo threw him to the ground and followed up with a kick to his head.

                This man, with his cervical vertebrae broken, died on the spot!

                The man with the black mole watched this from outside and only trembled in fear.

                He looked at Lin Mo as if he had seen a demon, his eyes filled with awe!

                The girl on the bed hugged a torn dress and crouched in the corner in fear.

                Lin Mo sighed, grabbed the bed sheet and threw it over her body, blocking her body.

                Only then did the girl seem to feel a little more secure, but she still cowered in the corner.

                Lin Mo didn't care, he went to the other rooms next and did as he did, decapitating all of those men as well, saving the girls.

                In the end, all the hans in this room were knocked to the ground by him.

                Those girls looked at Lin Mo with hope in their eyes, as if they had seen a saviour.

                Lin Mo turned around and was slightly surprised, "Why are they all adults?"

                "Don't you say that there are many small children here?"

                The black mole man whispered, "Big brother, this ...... is just the front, specifically to hold these girls."

                "The little children, they are all at the back."

                "As you know, they usually catch little children and chop off their hands and feet to prevent them from escaping."

                "It's not convenient to do things in the front."