Medical Genius Chapter 1300

 The little girl was a little surprised, but she still obediently closed her eyes.

                At that moment, a man had already roared and lunged, picking up a machete and slashing down at Lin Mo's head.

                Lin Mo didn't even dodge, but took a step forward, reached out and grabbed his wrist, then twisted it with force.

                The crowd only heard a click, and the man's wrist was broken.

                Lin Mo smoothly grabbed the machete in his hand and slashed him violently on the shoulder.

                Next, the crowd saw a scene that they could never forget!

                Lin Mo's machete had cut the man's entire arm off flush with his shoulder.

                The man's blood sprayed wildly from his shoulder, and he fell to the ground screaming in agony, rolling and wailing, his entire body instantly turning into a bloody man.

                Everyone was stunned.

                They had never seen such a ruthless person before!

                Even if they cut someone with a knife, at most they would only make a wound, how could they ever cut off their arms in one go.

                But Lin Mo did not pause in the slightest as he walked step by step towards the remaining men, machete in hand.

                The men panicked a little, the black mole man subconsciously took a step back, but was unwilling to do so and shouted, "Let's all go together and kill him!"

                "He's only one man, what the hell are you afraid of him!"

                Only then did the crowd come back to their senses and roared as they pounced on him.

                Lin Mo also roared after him and charged straight up.

                The first to take the brunt of the attack was a man, who slashed at Lin Mo with a fierce slash.

                Lin Mo swung his sword in the same way.

                The two swords collided and the crowd only heard a loud clanging sound as the long knife in the man's hand was sent flying.

                Lin Mo's machete did not lose momentum and slashed upwards, hitting the man right at his wrist.

                Again, the slash broke in two!

                The man covered his wrist, which was spurting blood, and rolled on the ground, crying out.

                Lin Mo took a step forward and stomped on his face.

                The hanyou's nose was directly collapsed and half of his mouth full of teeth instantly fell out. Moreover, Lin Mo did not lift his foot, and the teeth that had fallen out were swallowed by him.

                This time, the man couldn't even make a cry.

                The others also gathered around at this time and attacked one after another.

                With his machete in hand, Lin Mo was like a hungry tiger pouncing on him, frantically battling with these people.

                These people, although all of them were desperadoes, were also ordinary people.

                However, Lin Mo's strength had been greatly enhanced during these several battles.

                Against these people, it was like a vicious tiger fighting a flock of sheep.

                It didn't take long for all of them to be seriously injured by Lin Mo, and they all fell to the ground, unable to get up.

                Among them, the one who was the least injured was the man who only had his wrist cut off.

                The others had either arms or broken legs.

                Some even lost their lives outright!

                This time, Lin Mo did not show the slightest bit of mercy in his strikes.

                Because, he was completely enraged!

                These vicious traffickers, in his eyes, were unforgivable demons who deserved death by a thousand cuts!

                The man with the black mole had his leg severed and he fell into a pool of blood, crawling with difficulty into the distance, trying to escape.

                However, doing so was already completely pointless.

                Lin Mo followed him step by step, and finally, stepped on his wound with one foot.

                The black mole man let out a miserable scream, the intense pain of which caused his entire face to become distorted.

                Lin Mo slowly bent down and squatted in front of him, looking at him quietly.

                The black mole man shivered in fear and pleaded in a trembling voice: "Big brother, big brother, I ...... know I'm wrong, please spare me ......"

                Lin Mo's face was icy cold: "Want to live?"

                The man with the black mole nodded his head repeatedly, "Yes, yes ......"

                Lin Mo: "Good then, answer me a question!"

                "There's a guy called Skinny Monkey, do you know him?"

                The man with the black mole froze for a moment, "What do you ...... want with the skinny monkey?"