Medical Genius Chapter 1297

 Lin Mo hated the waiter for hitting him too hard, so he struck out and directly twisted the waiter's wrist so much that it was almost dislocated.

                The waiter screamed in pain, "It hurts, it hurts, let go, let go!"

                Lin Mo paid no attention and still twisted his arm, "You know it hurts too?"

                "When you were bullying her just now, why didn't you ask her if it hurt?"

                The waiter's face changed slightly as he said in a trembling voice, "What does this have to do with you?"

                "We're a restaurant here, she keeps coming in and affecting our business, I ...... I'm sure I'll have to kick her out ......"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "You want to let her out, fine!"

                "But it doesn't have to be this way, does it?"

                "She's only a few years old, you're such a big man, bullying a child, don't you feel ashamed?"

                The waiter was speechless as he said awkwardly, "Brother, I ...... know I'm wrong."

                "You should let go of me first, this hand of mine is about to break ......"

                Lin Mo was not bothered to bother with him and casually pushed him to the side.

                The waiter stood next to him, looking on with an indignant face, but didn't dare to do anything to Lin Mo.

                The little girl, with tears in her eyes, covered her ears with her hands and looked timidly at the waiter, as if she was afraid that the waiter would hit her again.

                Lin Mo squatted down and comforted in a low voice, "Little girl, don't be afraid, it's alright."

                "Tell uncle, why don't you go to school and sell flowers here?"

                The little girl lowered her head and did not dare to speak.

                Lin Mo sighed, this child, what had she been through, why did she not feel safe at all?

                "Does your ear hurt?"

                "Are you hungry?"

                "Do you want to eat something?"

                Lin Mo asked a few questions one after another, but the little girl kept her head down and didn't answer.

                Lin Mo was a little helpless, just then, the little girl suddenly raised her head and whispered, "Uncle, do you ...... you want flowers?"

                "Buy a flower, it's cheap, five dollars a piece, buy a flower ......"

                Lin Mo sighed as he reached out and picked up the small bucket, "Okay."

                "You have all these flowers, I'll buy them all!"

                The little girl's eyes widened as she looked at Lin Mo with an incredulous expression, she had never met such a generous customer at all.

                Lin Mo took out a few hundred pieces and handed them to the little girl.

                "Alright, the flowers are sold out, you should hurry home!"

                The little girl took the money, counted it, and immediately shook her head, "Uncle, this is too much."

                "I ...... I'll give you change ......"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "No need, it's all yours."

                The little girl still stubbornly returned a few hundred to Lin Mo, and finally, also took out the change she had on her body and counted it clearly to give it to Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be speechless, this little kid, was he greedy for money or not?

                The little girl found all the money clearly, and only then did she smile happily.

                "Uncle, thank you!"

                The little girl said sincerely.

                Lin Mo stroked the little girl's head, "Alright, hurry up and go home!"

                The little girl nodded, but her eyes lingered on the burger on Lin Mo's table for a moment, carefully swallowing her saliva.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but laugh dumbly as he handed the burger to the little girl: "You haven't eaten, have you? This is for you."

                The little girl was a little confused as she took the burger at a loss for words.

                Lin Mo brought her another glass of orange juice, and the little girl's eyes were filled with tears. She took the burger and orange juice and suddenly bent down and bowed towards Lin Mo before she turned around and walked away.

                Lin Mo sighed and shook his head with a faint smile.

                He continued to turn his head and look out the window, staring at the small child in the square.

                At this time, it was time for dinner and there were many fewer people in the square.

                As he was watching, Lin Mo suddenly noticed that the little girl from earlier, had moved next to the little child.

                She first looked around vigilantly and found that no one was paying attention, so she immediately ran to the little child and placed the burger and orange juice next to him.

                Then, as if she was a thief, she hastily slipped away.