Medical Genius Chapter 1296

 At noon, the mall was bustling with people.

                And outside, in the square, there were quite a variety of people.

                In one of the corners, there was a small child lying on the ground.

                In front of him was a broken bowl with a few pieces of change inside it.

                Underneath the broken bowl was a cardboard shell.

                On top of the cardboard shell, there were a few lines of large letters describing the tragic fate of the child.

                It said that his parents had died, that he had been disabled since he was a child and that he had been abandoned. He asked for help from kind-hearted uncles and aunts to give him some money for food and medical treatment.

                This kind of situation is actually not uncommon in the vicinity of such large shopping malls.

                However, this child can indeed attract sympathy.

                His hands were broken at the wrists and he had two large scars at the wrists.

                One leg was broken at the knee and only the empty leg of his trousers remained.

                He was dressed in tattered clothes and looked dark, thin and obviously malnourished.

                In his eyes, there was fear and panic, as if he was terrified of everything in the outside world.

                He was lying on the ground, constantly kowtowing to the pedestrians around him, his mouth trembling as he begged, "Have mercy, have mercy, I haven't eaten for days ......"

                The pedestrians around him came and went with numb expressions, and no one was willing to give him a second glance.

                It was as if this was an abandoned puppy, not worth a second glance!

                Occasionally, a kind-hearted person would throw unwanted coins and moolah into his bowl, and the little child would immediately kowtow sincerely and say, "Thank you, thank you, you are a great man, thank you ......"

                By now it was noon and not many pedestrians were coming and going.

                The scorching sun had reached this corner.

                This child was lying on the ground, and the hot sun shone on his dry and cracked lips. However, there was nothing he could do but look at the milk tea drinks in the hands of the passers-by.

                In his heart, he would be satisfied with just a sip of water right now!

                But in this world, who would care about this abandoned life?

                Lin Mo sat in the fast food restaurant as he quietly observed all this.

                This child, too, had once been the heart of a certain pair of parents.

                Yet, now he was like an abandoned puppy that no one cared about!

                Suddenly, a timid voice came from beside him, "Uncle, buy a flower for auntie?"

                Lin Mo turned his head, only to see a little girl with a thin figure and dressed in old clothes, asking a man and woman who were eating next to her.

                The little girl was about seven or eight years old and was carrying a small bucket in her hand, which was filled with roses.

                She looked blearily at the man and woman with eager eyes, as if it was her greatest good fortune to be able to sell a single flower.

                But the man had an impatient look on his face and waved his hand straight away, "Get out of here!"

                "Can't you see that others are eating?"

                Still unwilling to give up, the little girl pleaded in a low voice, "Uncle, buy one."

                "It's cheap, five dollars a stick, buy one!"


                The man was even more annoyed and shouted, "Don't you want to get lost yet?"

                "Hey, waiter, how did she get in here?"

                "Look how dirty she is, how she affects the customers' appetite!"

                The waitress immediately ran over and grabbed the little girl's ear, scolding her angrily, "How many times have I told you not to come in, didn't you hear me?"

                "Get the hell out of here!"

                "If I see you come in here again, I'll beat you to death!"

                The waitress practically grabbed the little girl by the ears and lifted her up. The little girl's ear was torn and a trace of blood gushed out.

                The little girl begged for mercy in pain, but the waiter ignored her and carried her outside.

                At that moment, a hand suddenly reached over and directly clasped the waiter's wrist.

                He twisted the waiter's wrist and, with his other hand, pulled the little girl behind him.