Medical Genius Chapter 1295

 On the outskirts of Guangyang, in a speeding van.

                Skinny Monkey casually threw his mobile phone out of the window and spat, "Damn, this trip was a waste of time."

                "That son of a bitch Song Rize is dead, we're not going to receive our money!"

                A man next to him came over, "Master Monkey, that kid just now is willing to pay 100 million for this little girl, why don't we sell her?"

                The skinny monkey glared at him, "You're fucking heartless, aren't you?"

                "Look at her, you've beaten her up like this, how can we sell her?"

                "If we take it to them like this, they'll fight us to death?"

                "I told you to be gentle, I told you to be gentle, but look, now you've lost 100 million!"

                In the back seat of the car, Lin Xi's face was covered in blood and she looked miserable.

                The man scratched his head in embarrassment, "I can't be blamed for that!"

                "They were dragging that Xu Hanxia away, and this little girl was shouting all the time."

                "I don't beat her up, I guess I could have brought in the police."

                The thin monkey waved his hand impatiently, "All right, cut the crap."

                "This time it's a mess, let's not run to Guangyang City in the meantime."

                "Go back and hide for a few days, wait until the wind has passed!"

                The man nodded and then whispered, "Brother Monkey, what about this little girl?"

                The thin monkey waved his hand, "Just tie a stone to it and sink it in the river."

                The man hesitated, "Brother Monkey, that's too wasteful, isn't it?"

                "This little girl is still intact, bring her back and sell her casually, she can make hundreds of thousands of dollars!"

                "So much money to sink in a reservoir?"

                The skinny monkey leaned back in his chair and waved his hand impatiently, "You see what you can do, don't bother me!"

                "Anyway, get rid of it as soon as possible and sort it out."

                "As long as her brother can't find her, then don't try to find out about us either."

                "After a while, this matter will be over."

                The man smiled heatedly, "Understood!"

                "Brother Monkey, leave it to me, I'll definitely make it look good for you!"

                The man turned his head to look at Lin Xi, a fine aura flashed in his eyes, as if he was looking at a pile of banknotes.


                The company's main business is to provide a service to the public.

                The first thing you need to do is to find the body of Lin Xi, so he must continue to pursue it anyway.

                He immediately had people mobilise the nearby surveillance, and after expending a lot of manpower, he finally locked onto Skinny Monkey's car.

                Then, Nanba Tian personally sent someone to investigate, and finally, locked in the location where the car eventually went, which was in the provincial capital.

                When he received this information, Lin Mo did not delay, and he went straight to the provincial capital that day.

                Tiger was going to bring someone with him, but Lin Mo refused.

                After all, Lin Mo had a lot of grudges against the ten provincial families.

                If Lin Mo brought a large number of people with him, he might have to clash with the Ten Families first, which would affect the rescue of the people.

                Early the next morning, Lin Mo arrived at the provincial city.

                During this journey, Lin Mo did not sleep either.

                Nanba Tian had sent him a large amount of information on this group of traffickers, and Lin Mo had spent the whole night going through this information.

                The skinny monkey was considered a high level leader among this group.

                He was wanted jointly by many provinces, but this man was extremely cunning and rarely showed his face.

                It was not an easy task to find him.

                Lin Mo put all these materials and information together and had a general search method in mind.

                When he arrived at the provincial capital, Lin Mo first found a place to rest for a while.

                When it was noon, he arrived near an extremely busy shopping mall in the provincial city.

                At this time, it was the time when the mall started to get busy.

                Lin Mo found a fast food restaurant, sat down on the street and started searching for his target.