Medical Genius Chapter 1292

 Lin Mo's face was cold: "Hmph, I am the doctor!"

                "You're not sick at all, and don't scare me with this!"

                "I now suspect that you are part of that gang of human traffickers, officer, I want to call the police, I demand that she be taken back to assist in the investigation!"

                That captain frowned slightly, "Mr. Lin, this aunt is old ......"

                Lin Mo said straightforwardly, "Does being old mean you can talk out of turn?"

                "If my wife and sister can't be found, they'll be ruined for life!"

                "This old immortal, who knows nothing and has harmed others for the rest of their lives, doesn't he need to be punished?"

                The team leader sighed and said helplessly, "Old lady, sorry, please come back with us and assist in the investigation!"

                Hearing this, the old lady directly lay down on the ground and spilled out, "I'm not going I'm not going!"

                "What does this have to do with me?"

                "I don't know them!"

                The captain said helplessly, "Auntie, just asking you to go back and assist in the investigation, nothing more."

                "Besides, it was indeed you who spoke up for that gang of traffickers at that time, causing these two girls to be kidnapped."

                The old lady's face turned pale as she suddenly fell to the ground holding her chest, "Ouch, I can't, I can't, I'm having a heart attack, I ......"

                Lin Mo said directly, "Old lady, if you want to continue like this, I can apply for a medical examination on you."

                "If you pretend to be sick, humph, the money for the medical examination, you can pay for it yourself!"

                The old lady shuddered in fear as she said sharply, "You ...... you to be like this?"

                "I ...... am really not one of their accomplices. ......"

                "I just said a few more words ......"

                Lin Mo: "Then you'll have to pay for those few words you said!"

                "This officer, I will have my lawyer follow up on the next matter!"

                "I hope you give me a satisfactory answer!"

                After saying that, Lin Mo simply turned around and left.

                The team leader sighed, he could see that Lin Mo had to clean up this old lady this time.

                However, he was actually quite displeased with this old lady too.

                It was time to teach this kind of person a lesson.

                When Lin Mo walked out of the playground, Chen Shengyuan's phone call came.

                They had already located Xu Hanxia's mobile phone and were chasing after it at full speed at the moment.

                Lin Mo received the location and immediately drove after them as well.

                Half an hour later, Lin Mo arrived at a dilapidated factory on the outskirts, where Xu Hanxia's phone was located.

                Chen Shengyuan's men had already surrounded the place.

                "Mr. Lin, there are five people in here."

                "They are holding General Manager Xu hostage, our men, for now, dare not make a rash move!"

                Chen Shengyuan said in a low voice.

                Lin Mo frowned: "What about my sister?"

                Chen Shengyuan shook his head, "For the time being, we haven't seen Miss Xi'er."

                Lin Mo's face changed, did he mean that Xu Hanxia and Lin Xi were still not together?

                However, at this time, he couldn't care less.

                He walked alone to the entrance of the factory and said aloud, "Everyone, let my wife go and I can let you leave safely!"

                There were five men in the factory, one of them, with a dagger aimed at Xu Hanxia's neck.

                Xu Hanxia's hands were tied and her mouth was taped, so she could only shake her head vigorously at Lin Mo.

                The five men were all obviously nervous, and one of them shouted, "Lin, don't come any closer!"

                "Immediately tell all the people outside to pull back, or else I ...... I'll kill your wife!"

                With that, he extended his dagger towards Xu Hanxia's neck.

                Lin Mo's face changed slightly: "You take it easy!"

                "I know that you guys are working for Song Rize and the others."

                "However, now Song Ruize is dead."

                "There is no longer any point in you all continuing to fight for him like this!"

                "Let her go, and I will give each of you twenty million dollars."

                "Moreover, I will never pursue this matter, how about that?"

                The five men looked at each other, and it was obvious that two of them were beginning to hesitate.