Medical Genius Chapter 1291

 At these words, the crowd around the room was stunned.

                The old lady was confused for a moment, then she glared and said, "Bullshit!"

                "Your daughter-in-law smashed someone's antique, and they took her to the police station to file a case, that makes sense!"

                "Who are you to accuse her of kidnapping?"

                The others all yelled along with them.

                Lin Mo glared at her, "Go to the police station to file a case?"

                "Which one of your eyes saw them go to the police station?"

                The old lady said urgently, "They said they were going to the police station ah ......"

                Lin Mo: "He said he was going, huh?"

                "Once the door is closed, do you know where they're going to take the car?"

                The old lady stuttered for a moment, and only after a while did she say angrily, "You ...... how can you be like that?"

                "You think too badly of people too!"

                "Then according to you, when you encounter this kind of thing, if you don't go to the police station, where should you go?"

                Lin Mo said angrily, "Even if you really encounter this kind of thing and you can't tell the difference, then you can still call the police and leave it to the police to deal with."

                "You directly let a group of people you don't know, take them away, if there is any danger in this, you are responsible for it?"

                The old lady's face changed slightly and she still said reluctantly, "This ...... is all your side of the story ......"

                "I just don't believe it, in this world, there are not so many bad people!"

                Just then, in the distance, a police car came speeding by.

                A few people got out of the car, led by the captain who was leading the team.

                The security guards of the amusement park hurriedly greeted them, they all knew the captain.

                The old lady immediately went over, "This officer, you have to do something for me!"

                "This person, came up and insulted my old man, I ...... I don't want to live ah I ......"

                "Come on, come on, you tell him, those few people, did they go to the police station."

                "He slandered my old man, I want to sue him, I want him to go to jail!"

                The captain frowned slightly and asked about the situation in general, and his face changed straight away.

                He picked up the intercom and asked some questions, and finally said in a deep voice, "We have received no such report!"

                At these words, all the people around him panicked.

                The old lady's face also changed instantly, "No ...... it can't be?"

                "They ...... they are talking about going to the police station ah ......"

                The captain ignored him and instead directly asked the security guard to call up the surveillance.

                When he saw the skinny monkey, the captain's face changed and he said in a deep voice, "It really is this group of people!"

                The old lady said sharply, "What ...... what this gang?"

                The captain said in a deep voice: "Did they say that the heirloom was smashed and then, they are going to drag people to the police station to report the case?"

                The old lady nodded, "Yes, we saw it with our own eyes ......"

                The captain sighed, "That's their modus operandi!"

                "The men, they were their accomplices."

                "Talking about driving to report a crime, the fact is, the victim gets in the car and then they kidnap him."

                "This gang, which we've been watching for a long time, has been committing crimes in several cities in Guangyang Province."

                "I didn't expect that such a thing would happen in Guangyang City!"

                Hearing these words, those people who had originally gathered around were all pale.

                They finally knew that this time, they had really wronged the good guys.

                Not only that, they had become the accomplices of that group of traffickers.

                Many people began to quietly back away, they did not want to get involved.

                The old lady who had jumped the most just now also lowered her head and wanted to quietly slip away.

                However, Lin Mo directly stopped her, "Where are you going?"

                "Just now you bit the bullet and said that my daughter-in-law had smashed someone's vase."

                "You caused my daughter-in-law's wife to be kidnapped, and now you want to run away?"

                The old lady's face changed instantly and she suddenly started to spill: "What does this ...... have to do with me?"

                "What do you want?"

                "I'm telling you, I ...... have a heart condition, don't you dare touch me!"