Medical Genius Chapter 1289

 The skinny monkey jumped straight to the ground and hugged the bag.

                He carefully opened the bag to see that inside was a broken vase.

                The skinny monkey wailed on the spot, "Oops, my family heirloom!"

                "You ...... guys why are you so careless?"

                "Do you guys know how to walk?"

                "Don't you even have eyes when you walk?"

                Xu Hanxia and Lin Xi were both confused, they didn't expect this kind of thing either.

                Many people immediately gathered around them, pointing and scolding Xu Hanxia and Lin Xi for walking carelessly.

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly came over and apologised.

                "Sorry, sorry."

                "This big brother, we didn't see you just now, I'm really sorry."

                "How about this, how much is this thing of yours, we'll compensate you, how's that?"

                The skinny monkey glared at her, "Pay me back?"

                "Can you afford it?"

                "I'm telling you, what I have in this bag is our ancestral blue and white porcelain, worth more than three million dollars!"

                "How can you compensate me?"

                Xu Hanxia was dumbfounded, this is a casual bump on an antique worth more than three million dollars?

                Lin Xi was anxious: "This uncle, just now ...... just now it was you who bumped into me ah ......"

                "How can this make us pay for it?"

                The skinny monkey said angrily, "Bullshit, it was clearly you who bumped into me!"

                "You mean I'm holding over three million dollars of antiques and I'm still walking so carelessly?"

                "Come on, come on, you let everyone comment on this, is this logical?"

                The crowd around immediately argued.

                "That's right, people must be careful when they walk with heirlooms!"

                "He's so good-looking, but he's full of nonsense, so he's probably not a good person either!"

                "Oh, these kids nowadays, they just lack discipline. When they come out, they jump around and don't even look at the road, now they've broken someone's family heirloom, and they still don't admit it? What kind of family discipline is this?"

                "You're right, these kids, they just lack discipline. They don't admit when they've done something wrong, what else can they do in the future?"

                "I saw you hit someone with my own eyes, and now you still want to deny it?"

                The crowd was chattering as if they were full of justice, all blaming Xu Hanxia and Lin Xi.

                After all, from their point of view, the skinny monkey's heirloom was shattered, so the responsibility for this must be on Xu Hanxia and Lin Xi.

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that her face turned red, she had never encountered such a situation before.

                Lin Xi was furious and shouted, "We really didn't crash it, you ...... all lied ...... you're all bad people!"

                An old lady glared at Lin Xi: "Lie again, believe it or not I'll smack you?"

                "Such a young child, no upbringing at all, is this how you talk to your uncles and aunties?"

                "My child is even younger than you, but he would never dare to talk to his elders like that!"

                "Let me tell you, this is upbringing, the upbringing of a family is most evident in a child!"

                The crowd around them shouted in approval, and the old lady was full of triumph.

                The skinny monkey looked at Xu Hanxia: "I won't talk nonsense to you, tell me, how do you plan to pay for it?"

                Xu Hanxia frowned: "I really didn't hit it ......"

                The skinny monkey was annoyed: "You still don't admit it?"

                "Fine, then I'll give you a chance."

                "Come on, let's go to the police station, let the police transfer the surveillance and see who is actually responsible, how about that?"

                The crowd next to her shouted in agreement, and the old lady gave a direct thumbs up, "Young man, you really are a fair man!"

                "Hm, unlike some people, who are quite pretty to look at."

                "As a result, there is no quality at all, living in the world is simply a disgrace to this society!"

                "What, do you dare to go and transfer the surveillance?"

                Xu Hanxia was furious and said angrily, "What's so daring about it!"

                "Wait, I'll go to the police station with you after I send my sister back!"