Medical Genius Chapter 1284

 Lin Mo thought it was normal, the compulsion zun himself wasn't actually very strong.

                It was because of the Immortality Compulsion that he was able to roam around without any fear.

                Lin Mo laughed, "It's alright, even if we let him get his life back, he won't be able to get away with it!"

                "Don't forget, he drove the snake swarm and killed quite a few people in the capital."

                "That woman is going to marry into the Nalan family in the future."

                "This is tantamount to him messing with the Nalan family, will the Nalan family let him go?"

                Huo Hua smiled when he heard that, "That's true."

                "I reckon that next, he won't have time to trouble you either."

                Lin Mo nodded with a faint smile.

                The crowd packed up and walked out of the mountain forest.

                When they walked to the medicine farmer's village, Lin Mo and the others divided the seven-leaf fire lotus.

                Although they had previously said that they would split it 50/50, however, this batch of medicine farmers had told a lie.

                So, Lin Mo and the others weren't polite.

                Lin Mo himself took half, after all, it was all because of him that everyone came back alive this time.

                Huo Hua took some, the crown prince took some, Lin Zhao, and the people from Guang Province and Su Province, all took some too.

                In the end, only five plants were left for those medicine farmers.

                Although those medicine farmers were very unconvinced in their hearts, they did not dare to say anything.

                After all, there was no one on this side that they could afford to mess with!

                Together with Lin Mo and Lin Zhao, Lin Mo said goodbye to Prince Huo Hua and the others and returned to Wu Zhai at the first opportunity.

                He Qianxue was still at the Wu Cottage, and at that time Lin Zhaoge only pretended to see her off.

                When he returned to Wu Zhai, the first thing Lin Mo did was to melt away the medicinal bones he had obtained.

                He spent three days taking these medicinal bones and beating them into He Qianxue's body bit by bit.

                Of course, this did not restrain the Cold Ice Compulsion.

                However, with the foundation of this medicinal bone, He Qianxue could cultivate some internal energy, slowly absorb the medicinal bone, and finally dissolve the cold ice compulsion bit by bit.

                In this way, He Qianxue would be able to get rid of the Cold Ice Compulsion completely.

                Lin Mo taught He Qianxue another set of internal martial arts techniques, which was used to absorb this medicinal bone.

                After everything was taken care of, Lin Mo found Lin Zhao, gave him a prescription and told him to go and find some herbs for himself.

                Next, Lin Mo was going to use the Nine Leaf Fire Lotus to refine an elixir to help him break through.

                In the jade pendant's inheritance, there was a Nine Yang Breaking Pill that was extremely divine.

                This kind of elixir could help the human body open up its veins, enhance internal strength and boost one's cultivation.

                After several battles with powerful people, Lin Mo had understood that his strength, was still far from enough, and he had to raise it up as soon as possible.

                The medicinal herbs on Lin Mo's prescription were all extremely rare, but in Wu Zhai, it was not difficult to get them together.

                It didn't take long for Lin Zhaoge to get the herbs together.

                Lin Mo immediately went to the secret room prepared by Lin Zhaoge and began to refine the pills.

                The Nine Yang Breaking Pill, to be used, was only the nine leaves of the Nine Leaf Fire Lotus.

                Lin Mo plucked off the nine leaves and put away the rest of the Nine Leaves Fire Lotus.

                Then, he added the other herbs, separately, and slowly began to refine them.

                In this way, it took a day and a night before the pill was ready.

                Lin Mo opened the furnace, and at the bottom of the furnace, there were thirteen red-coloured pills lying around.

                Lin Mo took these pills out and swallowed one for himself on the spot.

                When this Nine Suns Breaking Pill entered his belly, Lin Mo only felt a wave of heat rush out from his belly and quickly spread throughout his body.

                At this moment, Lin Mo only felt as if he was locked in an oven, the scorching heat constantly baking him, causing him to sweat profusely all over.

                Forcing himself to endure this torment, he sat cross-legged on the ground and ran the Creation Technique, slowly allowing this heat to flow throughout his body.

                With each turn, his meridians widened by one point.

                And the widening of the meridians was a sign of increased internal strength.

                It took a full three hours before Lin Mo could barely suppress this heat.

                He clearly felt that his internal strength had improved tremendously, far beyond what it had been before.

                However, he had only absorbed 10% of the medicinal effects of this elixir!