Medical Genius Chapter 1283

 After the companions ran away, the snakes at the scene were in chaos.

                Lin Mo took an eye of the Great Red Snake and forced the snakes out.

                This time, the remaining crowd breathed a sigh of relief.

                However, looking at those ghastly white bones at the scene, the crowd was still scared in their hearts.

                Xie Qingyue knelt in front of Xie Wu's corpse and wept bitterly.

                No one paid any attention to her. She was lucky to have survived today.

                Those medicine farmers increased their speed and collected all the remaining seven-leaf fire lilies.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, walked over to the Great Red Snake, he turned it over and found a spot on its abdomen that was not covered in scales.

                He used his dagger to cut open this area with difficulty, reached in and grabbed the spine of the Great Red Snake.

                With great force he shattered the piece of spine and removed it from the blood and flesh.

                The Prince looked on and found that it was a piece of ruddy spine.

                The spine bone was as warm as jade, and there was a faint flow of flame in it, very magical.

                "What is this?"

                The prince said in wonder.

                Lin Mo: "This is a piece of medicinal bone condensed from the red snake guarding this place and absorbing the medicinal properties of the fire lotus all year round."

                "It can produce a single horn on its head and two claws on its belly, solely because of this piece of medicinal bone."

                "This medicinal bone, with its unique medicinal effects, is extremely rare!"

                Lin Mo explained.

                The prince's face was astonished, "No way? This thing can even be considered medicine?"

                Lin Mo smiled, the Crown Prince didn't understand these things at all.

                If Lin Mo hadn't received the inheritance of the jade pendant, he wouldn't have known these things either.

                He put the medicine bones away, and then, stared at those medicine farmers as they picked all the seven-leaf fire lilies down.

                Only after that did the crowd walk out of this stone cave.

                Seeing the sun again, the crowd was all overwhelmed with emotion.

                When they came in, there were more than a hundred of them.

                Now, when they went out, there were only about twenty people left.

                The others had all been buried in this cave.

                Among them, the most miserable were the people from Guang and Su Provinces.

                On the Soviet side, there were still three people who came out, while only one person from the Canton Province came out.

                Chen Baiyu also came out alive, and he was now in a state of fear.

                If Lin Mo had not saved him, he would have died long ago.

                He walked out of the stone cave and was the first to arch his hand to Lin Mo, "Brother Lin, thank you for saving his life this time!"

                "I didn't know any better before, so please forgive me if I offended you!"

                "I will certainly remember this life-saving kindness."

                "Brother Lin, if you need me in the future, just give me an order, I'll go through fire and water!"

                The others also thanked each other.

                Among them, Master Gu, the big man of Hangzhou Province, almost knelt down to Lin Mo.

                At that time, he was surrounded by snakes and almost died.

                If Lin Mo hadn't thrown him over to the Crown Prince's side, he would definitely have died through.

                Of all the people who came to the capital, only Xie Qingyue walked out alive.

                However, she didn't say a word to Lin Mo. After she came out, she went off alone first, not knowing what was in her mind.

                Lin Mo didn't bother to pay attention to her, this kind of woman, she was lucky that she didn't die in the cave.

                It was a pity that Xie Wu, who was a man, had lost his life because of her.

                The crowd descended from the mountain, and after walking a short distance, they saw Huo Hua standing alone by the cliff.

                The prince immediately ran over to him, "Uncle, what are you doing here?"

                Huo Hua turned his head, saw Lin Mo and Lin Zhao, and shrugged helplessly, "That old thing, jumped off the cliff and ran away."

                The prince took a glance down, "Uncle, you're not kidding?"

                "This cliff is thousands of metres high, if he jumped off, wouldn't he be dead?"

                Huo Hua shook his head, "He has the immortality compulsion, if he goes down from here, he won't die."

                "Ai, this undying compulsion, it's just too hard to kill!"

                Last time when Fire Hua chased after the Compulsion Djinn, he almost killed him.

                As a result, the Compass Djinn escaped by virtue of the Immortality Compass.

                This time, it was still the same.