Medical Genius Chapter 1282

 As Lin Zhaoge blocked Compulsion Zun, the pressure on Lin Mo's side was suddenly reduced, and the four of them were in a melee.

                Compulsion Zun gritted his teeth and suddenly laughed out loud, "Hmph, Lin Zhaoge, what can we do with you on top of that?"

                "Last time, we were accidentally sneaked up on by you!"

                "This time, will you still be that lucky?"

                Lin Zhaoge sneered back, "Do you really think I came alone?"

                The Companions' face changed slightly, "What do you mean?"

                Just then, a faint sigh came from within the stone cave, "Zun Zhuang, it's not easy to find you!"

                Hearing this voice, the Crown Prince became excited straight away, "Uncle!?"

                The crowd looked up, only to see a man slowly walking out from within the stone cave.

                This man was not Don't Let, it was none other than Huo Hua!

                Seeing Huo Hua, Compass Zun's eyes were about to glare out.

                He finally knew that he had, this time, truly jumped into a trap!

                Lin Mo had brought the prince into the mountain, picking pills was only one of them, the real purpose was to lure him to reveal himself!

                Without saying a word, the Compass Prince turned around and tried to escape.

                Standing at the entrance of the cave, Huo Hua casually slapped his hand, directly forcing the Compass Djinn back.

                "This one, leave it to me!"

                Huo Hua said casually, not putting the Compulsion Djinn in his eyes at all.

                Lin Zhaoge didn't talk nonsense either, as he immediately rushed towards Qin Wuyi and battled with him.

                In this way, Lin Mo became an idle person instead.

                He did not get involved and stood by the side to observe the battle between the four.

                Lin Zhaoge's strength was much stronger than Qin Wu Amnesty's. Qin Wu Amnesty was no match for him.

                As for Compulsion Zun, this man was extremely strong and was only slightly inferior to Lin Zhaoge.

                However, in front of Huo Hua, he did not have the slightest power to fight back.

                Huo Hua only used the simplest of punches, but he beat the Compulsion Djinn to the point of defeat.

                The Companions roared in anger, but they could not help Fire Hua in the slightest.

                At this moment, Lin Mo truly saw how strong this Huo Hua, who was regarded by the King of the Southern Realm as his successor, really was.

                Fire Hua's strength was even stronger than that of Nalan Yong, whom Lin Mo had met last time.

                However, one should know that Fire Hua was not yet thirty years old, while Nalan Yong was already in his forties.

                Huo Hua had been training martial arts for far less time than Nalan Yong, yet his strength surpassed Nalan Yong.

                This kind of natural talent is indeed rare!

                The battle didn't last long before Compass Zun was sent flying by a heavy slap from Huo Hua.

                He vomited out a mouthful of blood, and as if he had gone mad, he hissed and pounced on Huo Hua again.

                He was able to defend himself casually, and within a few blows, he sent him flying again.

                On the other side, Qin Wuyi was also cornered by Lin Zhao.

                This number one assassin was best at ambush and assassination.

                In a real head-to-head fight, his strength was still not enough.

                In the end, Qin Wu Pardon was broken by several heavy blows from Lin Zhao, breaking his ribs and collapsing among the snakes.

                Although he had the snake-avoidance item given by the Companions, the blood he vomited still inspired the fierceness of the red snakes.

                Several red snakes bit him several times, and Qin Wuyi eventually died on the spot.

                This number one assassin of the Canton Province died a miserable death among the snakes!

                Seeing Qin Wu Pardon's miserable death, Compass Zun was even closer to collapse.

                He hissed and killed Huo Hua, trying to break out.

                But Huo Hua stood there like a mountain, and no matter how hard he struggled, he could not break out.

                In the end, the compulsion zun let out a harsh hiss.

                He removed the Immortal Compulsion and roared, "Want to kill me?"

                "It's not that easy!"

                He said, and once again bit down, swallowing nearly half of the Immortal Compulsion.

                The undying compulsion's blood and flesh went into his belly, and the aura on the compulsion's body was monstrous.

                The undying compulsion's blood and flesh could stimulate its master's power, and its effectiveness even surpassed that of the Qi and Blood Pill!

                He roared out and unexpectedly gave a raw palm, forcing back the fire Hua.

                And he also took this opportunity to madly rush out of the stone cave.

                "Where are you running!"

                Fire Hua snarled and quickly chased after him.