Medical Genius Chapter 1281

 Lin Mo's face was cold: "Zun Zong, is it worth killing so many innocent people just to deal with me?"

                The Compulsion Venerable laughed loudly, "Lin Mo, as long as I can kill you, it's worth getting even more people killed!"

                "How about that, I take you seriously enough, don't I?"

                Qin Wuyi, on the other hand, took a direct step forward, "Compulsion Venerable, why bother talking nonsense to him?"

                "Just kill him and put an end to this!"

                Lin Mo immediately said, "Hold on!"

                "Compulsion Venerable, Qin Wuyi, don't blame me for not warning you!"

                "Those few people over there, they're from the capital's Nalan family!"

                "The snake swarm you drove in has killed so many members of the Nalan family, do you think that the Nalan family will let you go?"

                The Companions first froze, and then laughed out loud, "What can the Nalan family do?"

                "As long as they all die here, who will know that it was me, the Compulsion Djinn, who did it?"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                Qin Wuyi also laughed coldly, "What, trying to use the Nalan family to make us throw in the towel?"

                "Surnamed Lin, you're dreaming!"

                "Today, everyone here, must die!"

                After Qin Wuyi finished speaking, he directly lunged out and attacked straight towards Lin Mo.

                This man walked among the snakes as if he was walking on level ground, completely unafraid of the snakes.

                Lin Mo did not dare to be careless and immediately fought with Qin Wu Pardon.

                The parasite zun directly whistled and commanded the snakes to attack the rest of the people.

                When he learnt that those few people were from the Nalan family, he had made up his mind to kill them all here, leaving no one behind.

                Otherwise, once this news was revealed, he would be dead!

                The group of snakes, driven by the Companions, rushed towards Xie Wu and Xie Qingyue on the stone rock as if they had gone mad.

                Xie Wu's face was desperate, he was extremely injured and could not resist so many red snakes at all.

                Sure enough, after a short while, he was bitten by a red snake.

                Xie Wu's face changed instantly, he knew that he was bound to die.

                Without any hesitation, he grabbed Xie Qingyue's collar and threw her straight towards the prince.

                He had no choice now, the only safe place here was behind the Crown Prince.

                Xie Qingyue landed on the ground and looked up to see that Xie Wu had been entangled by dozens of red snakes.

                He stood on the rocky outcrop, his body rapidly turning black and eventually, slowly falling down from the rock.

                Xie Qingyue's entire body froze, standing frozen in place, completely forgetting what to do.

                The companions continued to drive the snakes, trying to get them to attack the Crown Prince and the others.

                However, the snakes never dared to go over.

                The prince was holding the eyes of the Great Red Snake, which was the king of these snakes!

                Seeing that the snake swarm could not be used, Compass Zun frowned slightly before finally sneering, "Hmph, Lin Mo, I'll kill you first and then slowly play with them!"

                He turned and rushed towards Lin Mo, joining forces with Qin Wuyi to besiege Lin Mo alone.

                Lin Mo's strength was already inferior to these two.

                Now that the two had joined forces, Lin Mo's situation could be imagined, he had no power to fight back at all!

                Seeing that the situation was getting more and more critical, a long whistle suddenly came from outside.

                Immediately afterwards, a man quickly rushed in from outside, and it was none other than Lin Zhao.

                He also had a jade pendant hanging on him, and the swarm of snakes avoided him.

                He rushed straight over and took on Compass Zun.

                Compulsion Zun and Qin Wuyi's faces both changed.

                "Lin Zhaoge, you ...... Why are you here?"

                "Didn't you go to Guangyang City?"

                Compulsion Zun exclaimed in shock.

                Lin Zhaoge sneered, "Compulsion Zun, do you really think I'm a fool?"

                "You must have been resentful that you failed to kill someone at Wu Zhai last time."

                "I deliberately pretended to go to Guangyang City just to lure you all out."

                "In fact, I've never been to Guangyang City, I've been following you all along!"

                Compass Zun and Qin Wu Pardon's faces changed, they originally thought that Lin Mo was isolated this time.

                Now, they finally knew that, in fact, they were the ones who had really been duped!