Medical Genius Chapter 1280

 The prince rolled his eyes at her, "What's wrong with you?"

                "Who am I to give you one?"

                Xie Qingyue said sharply, "I am a member of the Nalan family ......"

                The prince directly interrupted her, "Shut up, I've heard calluses on my ears!"

                "What's wrong with being a member of the Nalan family?"

                "Old me just doesn't spoil you, what can you do?"

                "Fuck, just now Xiao Linzi saved you, and you're still returning the favour!"

                "Now you want us to save you? Dream on!"

                Xie Qingyue was furious, when she was in the capital, with the status of the Nalan family, no one dared to mess with her.

                Who would have thought that here, the identity of the Nalan family, would not work anymore?

                Xie Wu, on the other hand, sighed.

                This Xie Qingyue had been spoilt and spoiled since she was young, and was used to being bossy.

                Had I known this, I shouldn't have offended Lin Mo just now!

                Seeing that the group of snakes were about to climb up this stone rock, he could only arch his hand and say, "Mr. Lin, please, please save us."

                "Yue'er has offended you just now, I apologise on her behalf."

                "Please lift your hand, saving a life is better than creating a seven-level pagoda!"

                Lin Mo didn't even look at him, he just walked over to the Great Red Snake.

                There was a person hiding underneath the Big Red Snake, none other than Master Gu of Hangzhou Province.

                This guy was quite resourceful, seeing that the situation was not right, he immediately hid under the corpse of the big red snake.

                However, the group of Red Snakes slowly surrounded him and looked like they were about to discover him.

                When he saw Lin Mo coming, Master Gu immediately begged, "Mr. Lin, save me, save me ......"

                Lin Mo grabbed him by the neck and carried him straight out. Then, backhanding him, he flung him over to the Crown Prince.

                Master Gu fell all over the place, but, his face was now full of gratitude as he hid behind the crown prince and thanked him incessantly.

                Seeing such a situation, Xie Qingyue was anxious.

                "Hey, didn't you hear what I said?"

                "You saved such a trash and not my Nalan family's people, what the hell do you mean?"

                "Are you looking down on my Nalan family?"

                Lin Mo glanced at her, "The first time I saved you, I was the one who was guilty of being cheap!"

                "But do you think I would be a cheapskate twice in a row?"

                Xie Qingyue: "You ......"

                She was now regretting to the core in her heart, if she had known this, why did she talk to Lin Mo like that at that time?

                The snakes roamed around inside this cave, and the bodies of those people on the ground were soon devoured and bitten clean, leaving only tired white bones.

                Xie Wu held his long sword, spitting blood while fending off the snakes, finally keeping Xie Qingyue from being attacked by the red snakes.

                However, Xie Wu's hand was shaking more and more, and he could barely hold on any longer.

                As long as he collapsed, Xie Qingyue would definitely die!

                Xie Qingyue was so frightened that her face was pale and her eyes were streaming with tears.

                Lin Mo stood at the entrance of the cave, watching as no more snakes came in from outside, so he said in a deep voice, "Companions, since you're here, why don't you come in and take a look yourself?"

                "Did you think that you could kill me with these snakes and mice alone?"

                An icy laugh came from deep within the stone cave, "Hahahaha ......"

                "Lin Mo, these snakes, insects and rodents can't kill you, but they are still enough to isolate you!"

                "Today, I'll see, who else can save you!"

                As he spoke, a white-haired old man came out of the stone cave, and it was none other than Compulsion Zun.

                After swallowing part of the undying compulsion last time, he was never able to regain his youthful appearance.

                Beside him was a short, fat man who was none other than the eight-faced Yan Luo, Qin Wuyi!

                When these two men walked into the midst of the snakes, the snakes actually gave way to them automatically, as if they were very much in fear of them.

                The two men walked up to Lin Mo, one left and one right, sandwiching him in the middle.

                Zun Zong's gaze swept over the surroundings and laughed loudly, "I really didn't expect that this place, in fact, still had a Nine Leaf Fire Lotus hidden in it."

                "It seems that this time, not only will I be able to kill you, but I will also be able to obtain a divine medicine."

                "Hahahaha, after all, it wasn't worth the trip for me to come here personally!"