Medical Genius Chapter 1279

 This sparse sound was familiar to all who heard it.

                They had heard this sound when they came in just now, and then they were sneaked up on by one of those little red snakes.

                Now, there was this sound again, and the crowd was alarmed.

                They all looked in the direction of the stone cave, only to see that in the middle of that dark stone cave, there were unexpectedly endless pale yellow dots of light rapidly approaching.

                "What is this ...... thing?"

                Someone exclaimed.

                Fatty Wang took a look and immediately screamed, "OMG, it's a red snake!"

                Only then did the crowd see clearly that in the middle of that dark stone cave, there were countless red snakes that were rapidly crawling over.

                These red snakes were the same ones that had attacked them outside earlier.

                They were less than a metre long, but extremely sensitive and poisonous.

                A few red snakes would have been enough to cause them heavy damage.

                But now, at a glance, the red snakes were so dense that it was impossible to see the end of them, and there were probably thousands of them.

                Where did so many red snakes come from?

                Lin Mo was the quickest to react, and the first thing he did was to run to the corpse of the big red snake inside.

                He took out a dagger from his body and directly plucked out the two eyes of this big red snake.

                These two eyes were as warm and moist as two topazes in his hands.

                Lin Mo wiped away the blood stains on them and threw them to the Crown Prince in the distance.

                "Take it!"

                Lin Mo shouted lowly.

                The prince was surprised, wondering how Lin Mo could suddenly give himself such two disgusting things.

                And at that very moment, the first batch of Red Snakes had already rushed in.

                These Red Snakes directly pounced on them, and pounced on the few people closest to the cave entrance.

                These few people struggled desperately, but they only managed to fight off a few red snakes.

                All the others were pounced upon by these red snakes and entangled all over their bodies, and they soon fell to the ground without moving.

                And following that, those red snakes came in like a tidal wave, looking extremely terrifying.

                All of them, whether they were from Su Province or Guang Province, or the group from the capital, were dumbfounded.

                Even the Crown Prince was dumbfounded.

                Although he had raised many snakes, he had never seen such a scene before!

                It was the medicine farmers who were smart enough to quickly take off their equipment, take out the snake repellent pills and apply them all over their bodies.

                The snakes were still a bit afraid of these snake repellents and surrounded them, but did not attack them.

                As for the others, those who were close to the outside were surrounded by the group of snakes and were directly bitten to death.

                When Xie Qingyue saw this scene, she was directly stunned and forgot what to do while standing in place.

                Xie Wu held on to his breath, grabbed Xie Qingyue's clothes and carried her to a rocky outcrop not far away, away from the snakes for a while.

                However, the young man who had followed her was entangled in the swarm of snakes, screaming for help, and was soon silent.

                The only one who remained calm at the scene was Lin Mo.

                He held a jade pendant in his hand, and these red snakes surprisingly did not dare to approach him.

                The prince and the others were standing at the innermost part of the room, and the snakes soon reached their side.

                Everyone on the prince's side was trembling with fear, even the few bodyguards, they were all pale.

                However, strangely enough, the snakes stopped at a distance of two metres from them and did not move forward any further.

                The crowd was astonished and wondered what was going on.

                When Xie Wu saw such a situation, he could not help but exclaim, "It's the eyes of that big red snake!"

                "These little red snakes, fearing the eyes of the big red snake!"

                Only then did the prince think about why Lin Mo had thrown these glasses to him, so it was for him to save his life.

                He immediately breathed a sigh of relief, took an eye in one hand and waved it forward some.

                Those red snakes quickly retreated, as if they were afraid of the two eyeballs.

                Xie Qingyue looked filled with excitement, "Is it true?"

                "Hey, hurry up and give me one!"