Medical Genius Chapter 1277

 The Red Snake was furious when it missed a blow, and hissed again as it lunged.

                Lin Mo threw Xie Qingyue to the side and jumped up to dodge the Red Snake's blow.

                Immediately after, he quickly ran to Xie Wu's side and grabbed the lance on the ground.

                "Lend the lance a hand!"

                Lin Mo shouted, turning around with a return lance and stabbing directly at the torso of the Red Snake.

                The scales blocked the blow, but the full force of the blow still slammed into the Red Snake's body and caused it to shake. The huge impact still left the Red Snake in pain!

                Xie Wu's eyes were staring out, how could he have never thought that this young man, was so strong?

                They had always thought that Lin Mo, the few of them, were just a bunch of straw trash.

                But now, the strength Lin Mo had displayed far surpassed him!

                The red snake seemed to go berserk as it stretched out two claws and grabbed the lance, surprisingly twisting the steel lance into a twist.

                The crowd at the scene was in shock, what kind of divine object was this?

                And taking this opportunity, Lin Mo leapt onto the stone rock next to him.

                In the fingers of his right hand, he held a few silver needles. Aiming at the red snake's eyes, he threw them violently.

                Several silver needles, all of which pierced into the Red Snake's eyes.

                Without its eyes, the Red Snake let out a miserable scream and kept rolling in place, its huge tail, hard enough to smash the stone rocks under Lin Mo's feet.

                Lin Mo landed on the ground and rolled, rushing behind the Red Snake.

                He grabbed a long knife from the ground and seized the opportunity to rush to the Red Snake's side, jumping up and stabbing the knife into the Red Snake's eye.

                The red snake hissed again and rolled around on the ground, screaming extraordinarily miserably.

                Without hesitation, Lin Mo grabbed another long knife and stabbed it into the Red Snake's other eye.

                Two stabs in quick succession caused the Red Snake's struggle to weaken and it eventually fell to the ground, completely dead.

                Who could have imagined that this powerful guardian beast would eventually be killed by Lin Mo?

                Especially Xie Qingyue, she looked at Lin Mo in shock, unable to say what she felt in her heart.

                If it wasn't for Lin Mo, this time, her life would have been lost here.

                Just a short while ago, she hadn't taken Lin Mo into account at all!

                But who would have thought that the most inconspicuous person in this group would be the strongest!

                After finishing the Red Snake, Lin Mo walked straight to the water pool.

                The water pool was full of boiling water, and looking down from above, at the bottom of that water, there was a crimson area, which was the underwater lava.

                And in the middle of this crimson area, there was actually a crimson lotus flower.

                The lotus had nine leaves, nine petals, and nine lotus seeds in the middle!

                Lin Mo took a deep breath, he knew that this was the most valuable divine medicine in this place - the Nine Leaves Fire Lotus!

                From the very beginning, Lin Mo's aim was not the seven-leaf fire lotus.

                When he arrived at the medicine farmer's village and saw the man's corpse, he knew that there was more than simply the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus in here.

                This was because, next to the seven-leaf fire lotus, there was not yet a guardian beast similar to a dragon that was born.

                Only a nine-leaf fire lotus, which was a thousand times more valuable than a seven-leaf fire lotus, could give birth to such a powerful guardian beast.

                And later, when he saw the equipment of that group of medicine farmers entering the mountain, he knew that their purpose was not the seven-leaf fire lotus either.

                This group of medicine farmers, from the very beginning, hadn't been telling them the truth!

                However, none of this mattered because, Lin Mo knew very well what was going on here.

                Therefore, before entering the mountain, Lin Mo had also made sufficient preparations.

                He pulled out a flying claw from his body, which was tied up with a rope.

                Lin Mo aimed at the Nine Leaf Fire Lotus and directly threw the flying claw over.

                The flying claw sank into the water and hooked onto the Nine Leaf Fire Lotus.

                With a drag, Lin Mo directly pulled the nine-leafed fire lotus out of the lava and received it in his hand.

                Lin Mo took out the porcelain vase he had brought with him and put the Nine Leaves Fire Lotus into it.