Medical Genius Chapter 1275

 Lin Mo sneered, these people were planning to cross the river and tear down the bridge.

                They didn't take the bait, they were going to drive them away.

                Of course, the prince was not convinced and immediately scolded the youth.

                Seeing that the two sides were about to start a fight, Lin Mo suddenly picked up a stone on the ground and snapped it, throwing it into the middle of the pool.

                The location of the throw happened to be right on the Xie family's side.

                The stone entered the water with a loud clatter.

                Immediately afterwards, a huge object suddenly rose from the pond.

                It was a huge red snake, about two feet long and about the thickness of a bucket.

                It had a single horn on its head and two small claws sprouted from its abdomen.

                It was covered in red scales and its two eyes, like two yellow light bulbs, emitted a creepy glow.

                The prince's eyes widened, "This ...... is a dragon!?"

                Only now did they understand why the only person who had escaped back had uttered the word dragon.

                This red snake really looked as if it was a dragon!

                The red snake came out of the water, twisted its body, opened its bloody mouth and directly bit a person next to it.

                This man screamed miserably, but was all but unable to resist.

                The red snake flung him in the air, then opened its bloody mouth and caught him.

                With a single stretch of its neck, it swallowed the man into its belly!

                The crowd beside him shuddered as they watched.

                This was a big living man, and he was swallowed in one go!

                Xie Wu almost vomited blood when he saw this scene.

                "Who told you to throw stones in there?"

                Xie Wu shouted angrily.

                Lin Mo didn't care, and only pulled the Crown Prince back a few steps.

                At this moment, the red snake once again pounced on the few people from the capital, after all, it was located close to that side.

                The two men from the capital took out their long swords and tried to slash the red snake.

                The red snake did not dodge, allowing them to slash at its body.

                The long knives cut into the scales with a resounding sound as if they were on steel.

                The Red Snake was not damaged in the slightest, but it had already lunged at the two men.

                Without waiting for the two men to react, the Red Snake bit directly into one of them.

                At the same time, the claws reached out and grabbed the other one as well.

                The one who was bitten was directly swallowed by the red snake into its belly.

                The one who was grabbed by it, on the other hand, was dragged directly into the water by it.

                All the people heard was a harsh scream and a smell of flesh being scalded by boiling water.

                After that, the man, no longer moved.

                This time, many people were about to piss themselves in fear.

                They knew that the water bubbling in here was almost a hundred degrees hot.

                If this man was dragged in, he would be cooked alive!

                And the red snake didn't stop there, once again rushing out of the water.

                This time, its target was even Xie Qingyue!

                Xie Qingyue had never seen such a situation before, and at this moment, she was so frightened that her face turned white, and she forgot to run away while standing in place.

                The two bodyguards standing next to her were all knocked away by the red snake.

                Master Gu of Hangzhou Province was closer, so he rushed up and hugged Xie Qingyue in a roll, sort of dodging the fatal blow from the Red Snake.

                Even so, he was also hooked by the Red Snake's claws.

                The red snake's claws were like a red-hot iron, and his back was scalded with fire blisters.

                Master Gu shouted miserably and rolled to the corner, struggling several times but failing to get up.

                Seeing this, Xie Wu rushed over as he shouted, "Protect Miss!"

                The Xie family members rushed up, taking out various weapons and fighting this red snake.

                A few of them even took out their guns and fired at the snake.

                Unfortunately, the Red Snake's scales were as strong as iron armour.

                The weapons of these men could not hurt the snake in the slightest.

                Even when the bullets hit the scales, they only caused a spark and could not hurt the snake at all.

                The Red Snake rushed into the crowd and rampaged through them.

                It didn't take long for most of the Xie family to be killed or injured.

                Under the Red Snake's attack, the Xie family's people were like a pile of ants, powerless to resist.