Medical Genius Chapter 1274

 The faces of the capital crowd were chilled, and Xie Qingyue glanced disdainfully at Lin Mo: "A little man who doesn't know how high the sky is!"

                "You can't live if you make your own mistakes!"

                "Since they want to seek death, let's make them whole!"

                The others in the capital were all full of snickers.

                As far as they were concerned, this was a complete death sentence for Lin Mo!

                The crowd also ignored them and continued on.

                After walking a distance of about three hundred meters in this manner, a red light suddenly began to appear in front of them.

                "We're almost there!"

                Lin Mo whispered.

                The crowd quickly moved forward, rounded a bend and a huge cave appeared in front of them.

                It was so hot inside the cave that it made one's skin feel hot.

                In the middle of the cave, there was a huge deep pit.

                Inside this deep pit, there was a pool of boiling water, bubbling continuously.

                Among the stone walls around it, there was a faint red light shining, the same red light that the crowd had just seen.

                Only when they reached this vicinity did the crowd see clearly that the red light inside that stone wall was actually some red liquid.

                "This ...... seems to be lava!"

                One man exclaimed.

                The others looked closely and were all shocked as well.

                The red liquid inside the stone wall was indeed magma!

                "No wonder it's so hot in here!"

                The youth from before lamented.

                Xie Wu ignored them, his attention, mainly, was focused on the pool.

                Next to the pool, was a thick volcanic rock.

                And on top of this volcanic rock, nearly a hundred seven-leaf fire lotuses were densely growing.

                Seeing this scene, the Crown Prince all exclaimed in shock.

                Seven-leaved Fire Lotus, any one of them was worth a fortune.

                So many seven-leaved fire lotuses, this was a real fortune!

                He looked at Fatty Wang, "Hey, dead fatty."

                "I took one Seven-leaf Fire Lotus from you last time, so I'll return two of them to you in a moment, is that alright?"

                It was as if Fatty Wang hadn't even heard the Prince's words, he looked straight at the pool, his eyes were filled with uncontrollable excitement.

                Xie Wu glanced at them and suddenly laughed, "Crown Prince, since we are all here together, it's only natural that those who see it get a share!"

                "How about this, from here as the boundary line."

                "The Seven-leaf Fire Lotus on this side, goes to us."

                "The ones over there, go to you, how about that?"

                The prince took a look, this Xie Wu division was quite fair.

                "No problem!"

                The prince nodded in agreement and was immediately about to go forward to pick the medicine, but was pulled by Lin Mo.

                "Don't rush over!"

                Lin Mo said in a low voice.

                The prince said curiously, "Why?"

                Lin Mo looked around and whispered, "The guardian beast hasn't appeared yet."

                The prince was surprised, "Guardian beasts?"

                "What we saw before, wasn't it a guardian beast?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "That could only be considered the offspring produced by the guardian beast, not the real guardian beast!"

                "I suspect that the Guardian Beast is around here."

                "He deliberately divided the area and let you go to pick the medicine, just to lure the guardian beast out!"

                The prince was startled and his face changed instantly, "Fuck me, this old thing, how shameless!"

                Seeing that Lin Mo and the others were not acting, Xie Wu said in a pretentious manner, "A few of you, why aren't you picking pills?"

                The prince said indignantly, "Why aren't you picking medicine?"

                Xie Wu's face changed slightly, then he smiled and said, "It's too hot here, my miss, needs a rest."

                "It's alright, you guys go about your business, we'll just go out together when the time comes!"

                The prince laughed coldly, "Old me needs to rest too."

                "Let's all go about our business, don't be in a hurry!"

                Xie Wu's brow furrowed as he gave the Crown Prince and Lin Mo a deep look, his expression gradually becoming somewhat gloomy.

                He could see that these two people were not that good at tricking.

                Trying to get them to act as bait to lure out the guardian beasts, I guess it wasn't that easy!

                After a moment of contemplation, he suddenly gave a wink to the youth next to him.

                The youth nodded and immediately walked out, "Damn, it's already considered good that we let you guys in."

                "Since you don't want to pick medicine, then get out!"