Medical Genius Chapter 1273

 When the prince saw this, he couldn't help but whisper, "This Xie Wu is really shameless."

                "So many people have died before he lets people stay, what did he do long ago?"

                Lin Mo shook his head and said in a low voice, "He didn't want these people to stay, his intention, was to get these people to move on!"

                The prince could not help but stare, "It can't be?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly without saying anything.

                The people from Guang and Su Provinces looked at each other, they were all a little resigned.

                Having come this far, and, having sacrificed so many people.

                Now, Xie Wu was asking them to stay, how could they be willing?

                Moreover, after these two incidents, the crowd no longer trusted Xie Wu.

                At this time, when Xie Wu asked them to stay, they suspected that this was because they were almost at the place and Xie Wu was deliberately trying to detach them.

                "We've all arrived here, if we stop at this time, won't we be sorry for the people who died?"

                "Why don't we just keep going!"

                An old man from the Su Province said.

                Xie Wu smiled, "That's fine."

                "In that case, then you guys should go to the end of the group, so that you don't run into danger again."

                The people of Su Province and Guang Province had suffered a loss, and now they couldn't wait to go to the end of the group.

                Therefore, upon hearing Xie Wu's words, they immediately ran to the end of the group.

                Xie Wu and the others walked ahead, as if they were going to scout the way.

                At this moment, Lin Mo, with the Crown Prince, also followed closely behind Xie Wu and the others.

                Lin Mo knew that the real crisis, from now on, might be coming from behind.

                Sure enough, after walking not too far again, there was a sudden scream from behind.

                Several red snakes had somehow appeared behind them again, sneaking up on the people of Guang and Su Provinces from behind.

                This time, Guang and Su Provinces were even more defenceless and suffered a big loss.

                After the chaos, only six people were left alive in Guang and Su Provinces, while all the others died tragically.

                The people of Guang and Su Provinces were on the verge of collapse as they managed to kill the Red Snakes.

                The prince also looked confused: "What's wrong with this bunch?"

                "Go to the front, the vipers attacked them first."

                "Go to the back and the vipers still attack them first?"

                "They have a grudge against vipers, huh?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "You think Xie Wu is really doing them a favour by letting them go to the back?"

                "Actually, the area we just walked through is the nest of these red snakes."

                "At first, everyone was walking facing the nest, so naturally, those who walked in front would be attacked."

                "Later, after passing through the range of the nest, we were in the position of leaving the nest, and the red snakes came up from behind, definitely to attack the people behind."

                "This Xie Wu is resourceful, when facing the Red Snake's nest, he told these people to go in front."

                "When facing the Red Snake's nest, he told them to go behind."

                "When all is said and done, the people who are in contact with these Red Snakes head-on are those from Guang and Su Provinces!"

                The prince suddenly understood, and could not help but whisper, "This old thing, how sinister!"

                The crowd continued on, and this time, the people from Guang and Su Provinces were completely at a loss as to whether they should go ahead or behind.

                In the end, they simply gave up and stood still, they were really scared.

                Seeing such a situation, Xie Wu only gave a cold laugh.

                His aim had been achieved, the people of Guang and Su Provinces had blocked a lot of calamities for them.

                Next, if the people from Guang and Su Provinces didn't leave, then there would be no one to grab the medicine from them, just as he wanted.

                However, Lin Mo didn't care that much as he continued to lead the Crown Prince forward.

                Seeing the two of them coming, Xie Wu frowned slightly.

                "You two, it can get more and more dangerous if you go further."

                "A word of advice, stay where you are and don't move, staying alive is the most important thing!"

                Xie Wu said slowly.

                Lin Mo's expression was bland, "Thanks for the reminder!"

                "But, we've all come here, it would be a shame not to move forward!"