Medical Genius Chapter 1272

 This black shadow was like a ghost, pouncing on three people one after another in the midst of the crowd.

                These three people, two from Guang Province and one from Su Province.

                They all screamed a few times and then did not move anymore, they were definitely in a bad way.

                The fourth black shadow pounced on Xie Wu.

                He lifted his fan and flicked the black shadow away.

                The black shadow flew into the darkness and disappeared.

                The crowd at the scene, however, was in a state of panic and confusion.

                "Is this ...... the guardian beast?"

                "What the hell is it?"

                "How come I don't see anything?"

                The crowd exclaimed in shock, they were really frightened.

                Xie Qingyue and the others were walking behind, seeing this situation, they were all in a moment of fear.

                Fortunately, they had just let the people from Su Province and Guang Province stand in front of them, otherwise, it might be their people who died now.

                After a burst of chaos, the crowd finally regained their composure.

                When they looked at the three people on the ground, they all had black faces and were not breathing, all of them had died of poisoning.

                Chen Baiyu's face was pale and he said in a trembling voice, "This ...... must be that guardian beast!"

                "This guardian beast is highly poisonous, this ...... is too dangerous ah ......"

                The other people in Su Province Guang Province were also shivering with fear, and for a while, the crowd didn't dare to go any further at all.

                Xie Wu faked a few words of comfort, then advised the crowd to continue on.

                However, at this moment, the people from Guang and Su Provinces did not dare to walk ahead either.

                Seeing this, Xie Wu said in a low voice, "Gentlemen, as you have just seen, that guardian beast, was beaten by me to the passage at the back."

                "It's more dangerous to go to the back now instead!"

                Only then did the crowd remember that the Guardian Beast had indeed been knocked to the back by Xie Wu just now.

                How could they dare to retreat to the back and rushed to the front.

                Xie Wu secretly sneered, and this time, he walked at the end instead.

                In a beautiful name, he said that he was guarding the guardian beasts at the back for the crowd.

                But in fact, Lin Mo saw the cunning in his eyes.

                Sure enough, the crowd walked forward for some time, but a few more black shadows darted in front of them.

                Those who were at the front of the group from Su and Guang Provinces had no time to react before they were pounced on by these black shadows.

                Chen Baiyu was also in the crowd, and when he saw a black shadow lunging at him, his whole body was stunned.

                In the nick of time, Lin Mo, who was standing not far away from him, suddenly made a move, grabbed him by the collar and dragged him backwards by half a step.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo kicked out, directly sending the black shadow flying.

                Chen Baiyu escaped with his life, tears coming directly out of his eyes, he was really scared to death just now!

                However, the other people from Guang and Su Provinces were not so lucky.

                A total of over thirty people from Guang and Su Provinces had come, and in this short while, half of them had been pounced on by the black shadow.

                Fortunately, at this moment, Xie Wu also led his men to rush up.

                Armed with long swords, they split the black shadows apart and finally resolved the crisis.

                The men from Su Province and Guang Province hastily hid by the side, constantly gasping for breath and shivering with fear.

                Xie Wu took a torch to illuminate the ground, and only then did the crowd see clearly.

                Those black shadows just now were actually a few venomous snakes that were red in colour.

                These venomous snakes were not long, not even a meter, but very thick, each one was as thick as a fist.

                Therefore, the strength of this kind of poisonous snake was also particularly great, able to bounce up in place as if it could fly.

                The crowd looked at the twisted snake corpses on the ground, each one shivering in fear.

                "These, are the guardian beasts!?"

                An old man from Guang Province asked in a trembling voice.

                Xie Wu nodded slowly and said falsely, "It looks like these, are the guardian beasts!"

                "Ai, I really didn't expect that there were so many guardian beasts, I thought there was only one!"

                "Causing you all to sacrifice so many people, I ...... I'm really ashamed of you all!"

                "Next, there's no telling what kind of danger there will be."

                "Why don't you guys stay here first and we'll go ahead and explore the road, how about that?"