Medical Genius Chapter 127-128

 Chapter 127

Shengyuan Group.

                Master Tiger was carried to Chen Shengyuan's office and started crying as soon as he entered.

                "Cousin, you must do something for me!"

                "That son of a bitch, how dare he beat me up in front of a large audience, he simply did not give you face!"

                "If this revenge is not taken, in future, won't anyone in this Guangyang City dare to shit and piss on your head?"

                Chen Shengyuan frowned and asked what had happened.

                Master Tiger directly added oil and vinegar to what happened at that time.

                He said that Deng Jun had molested his girlfriend, and that Lin Mo was an accomplice who knew some kung fu and had hurt them by bullying others and so on.

                Deng Jun's ex-wife Wu Qian nodded repeatedly and added to the story, "Brother, the husband even reported your name."

                "As a result, people didn't take it seriously at all and insulted you in public."

                After hearing this, Chen Shengyuan could not help but be annoyed.

                In this Guangyang City, there were not many people who dared not give him face.

                "Go, bring these two people back to me!"

                Chen Shengyuan ordered in an angry voice, and a group of people next to him immediately rushed out.

                Master Tiger was overjoyed, "Cousin, that's great, make sure I get these two bastards killed with my own hands!"

                "Also, is Elder He here?"

                "That kid on the other side, I don't know what he did to me, I can't move these two legs."

                "I went to the hospital, but I couldn't find out anything, can you ask Elder He to take a look for me?"

                Chen Shengyuan shook his head, "He Lao has been busy with the Six Provinces Medical Arts Exchange recently, he can't be distracted."

                "How about this, I'll ask a divine doctor to take a look for you!"

                Master Tiger was puzzled, "What divine doctor?"

                "There are doctors around you that are more powerful than Elder He?"

                "What the hell do you know!" Chen Shengyuan broke into a curse, "This Mr. Lin, his medical skills are many times better than He Lao's!"

                "I happen to be inviting him over to talk about the medical exchange."

                "Otherwise, for this trivial matter of yours, how would I dare to invite him to come out!"

                Master Tiger was dumbfounded, other than Nanba Tian, he had never seen Chen Shengyuan treat anyone so respectfully!

                Lin Mo and Deng Jun hadn't been sitting at the door for long when Chen Shengyuan suddenly called.

                "Mr. Lin, where are you?"

                "I have something that I would like to ask you for, I wonder if it's convenient for you?"

                Lin Mo smiled, he had basically guessed what it was about.

                "Of course it's convenient!"

                "You can arrange a car to pick me up!"

                Lin Mo said the address and smiled at Deng Jun, "Speak of the devil and he'll be there."

                "Let's go, let's both go and meet Chen Shengyuan and settle this matter once and for all!"

                Deng Jun's face changed, "Chen Shengyuan is looking for us?"

                "He ...... he wants to avenge Master Tiger?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Revenge is revenge, but for whom, that's hard to say!"

                Deng Jun was puzzled, where did Lin Mo's confidence come from?

                Suddenly remembering something, Deng Jun said with surprise: "Right, you ...... how do you have Chen Shengyuan's phone number?"

                "You and Chen Shengyuan know each other?"

                "Can you and Chen Shengyuan's relationship solve this matter?"

                "Lin Mo, Master Tiger is Chen Shengyuan's cousin. It is said that Chen Shengyuan was brought up by Master Tiger's mother and treats Master Tiger like his own brother."

                "If the relationship is ordinary, then ...... then we have to make some preparations."

                "When the time comes, why don't I just take the matter on and I'll make amends to them ......"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "No need!"

                "It doesn't matter what my relationship with Chen Shengyuan is!"

                "You have to understand one thing, even the most important relationship in this world is unbearable in front of absolute strength!"

Chapter 128

Not long after, Chen Shengyuan's driver drove over, carrying Lin Mo and Deng Jun, straight to Shengyuan Group.

                When they arrived at Chen Shengyuan's office, they heard Master Tiger yelling from afar inside.

                "Brother, hasn't the person been found yet?"

                "Hurry up and look for him, when the doctor comes to cure me later, I'll kill him myself!"

                "Brother, let's make a deal, this man, I have to sink him into the Guangyang River!"

                Lin Mo pushed the door in and said aloud, "Who are you going to sink in the Guangyang River?"

                Several people in the room turned their heads, and as soon as Master Tiger saw Lin Mo, he was overjoyed.

                "Brother, your men have moved quite sharply, they've captured these two bastards so quickly!"

                "Great, brother, break both of that bastard's legs first."

                "Later when I'm better, I'll fix him up!"

                Wu Qian was also smug, "Deng Jun, I told you a long time ago to stop pestering me!"

                "Hmph, you're still not dead, thinking that you can tether me with a daughter?"

                "Today, I'll let you die completely!"

                "I'll let you know that toads like you can never eat swan meat!"

                "Brother, don't be polite with them, there's no need to give me face."

                Chen Shengyuan's face was gloomy to the extreme.

                He really didn't expect that the person Master Tiger had offended was Lin Mo.

                "Brother, why are you standing still?"

                "Do it quickly!"

                "Take revenge on me!"

                Master Tiger hurriedly urged.

                Deng Jun shivered and took a step forward, "Mr. Chen, Master Tiger, this matter started because of me, I'll make amends for you ......"

                "No need!" Lin Mo directly grabbed Deng Jun and looked at Chen Shengyuan with a faint smile, "Mr. Chen, do you want me to apologize to you personally?"

                Only then did Chen Shengyuan come back to his senses and walked in front of Lin Mo with an arrow step, bending down and bowing, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "I really didn't know that it was you that this bastard son of a bitch had provoked!"

                "I'll say sorry to you for him, please forgive me for any offense!"

                Master Tiger was confused, and so was Deng Jun.

                What was this?

                Chen Shengyuan, who was so high and mighty, was apologizing to Lin Mo and admitting his mistake?

                In Guangyang City, even the family heads of the top ten families couldn't expect Chen Shengyuan to be so respectful!

                "Brother, are ...... you crazy?"

                "This son of a bitch, he injured me and insulted you, and you apologize to him instead?"

                "What are you doing?"

                Chen Shengyuan was furious and threw a slap at Master Tiger's face as he roared, "Shut up!"

                "Do you know who he is?"

                "Even if Master Tian were here, he would have to address you with respect as Mr. Lin!"

                "Who are you to dare talk to Mr. Lin like that?"

                Master Tiger almost pissed himself in fear.

                Nanba Tian was Chen Shengyuan's biggest backstage, that was the real king of Guangyang City.

                Even Nanba Tian had to be polite to Lin Mo, so who else dared to mess with Lin Mo in this Guangyang City?

                No wonder Chen Shengyuan was so respectful to Lin Mo!

                Wu Qian was also wide-eyed, how could Deng Jun know such a big shot?

                Chen Shengyuan looked at Deng Jun in fear and whispered, "Mr. Lin, who is this?"

                Lin Mo: "He's my brother, a brother who has lived his life!"

                "See that leg of his?"

                "It was broken for me!"

                With one sentence, he made Chen Shengyuan understand the relationship.

                Chen Shengyuan threw a slap at the tiger's face and broke into a scolding, "What are you doing standing there?"

                "Why don't you quickly make amends to Mr. Lin!"

                With a panicked look on his face, Master Tiger struggled and fell out of his wheelchair, flinging himself to the ground, "Mr. Lin, I know I'm wrong."

                "You are magnanimous, spare ...... spare me once ......"

                "I won't dare to do it again ......"