Medical Genius Chapter 1266

 The prince coughed lightly and stepped out from the crowd.

                "Master Xue Wu agrees with you to close the mountain?"

                "How come I haven't heard him say anything about this?"

                The prince said slowly.

                Scar glanced at the crown prince and said disdainfully, "Who are you, are you qualified to know about Master Xue Wu's affairs?"

                The prince's face turned cold and he rushed straight up, cracking two slaps on Scar's face.

                Scar was furious, and drew his sword and slashed down at the prince.

                The prince was also very crisp, and grabbed the knife with his empty hand. He followed up with a slash to Scar's shoulder.

                Scar screamed in agony and the men behind him rushed over to him.

                At this moment, the Crown Prince stepped on Scar's neck with one foot, carried the long knife in one hand, and pointed straight at the crowd: "Listen to me carefully!"

                "I am the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!"

                "If you take one more step forward, I'll chop off all your legs!"

                A few words brought all those people to a direct halt.

                All of them looked at the Crown Prince in fear, not daring to take a step forward.

                The four words, "Crown Prince of Hai Cheng", were too powerful a deterrent!

                Scar also stopped screaming and said in a trembling voice, "You ...... are the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng?"

                The prince glanced at him, "Just like a fake!"

                The knife scar was almost crying, he really couldn't understand how he had met such a mixed up devil ah.

                "Master Prince, I ...... really didn't know it was you."

                "You are magnanimous, please spare me ......."

                Scar begged in a trembling voice.

                The prince sneered, "Rubbish!"

                "Wasn't that quite a tug just now?"

                "What do you think qualifies me to know about Master Xue Wu?"

                "Hmph, I even had dinner with Master Xue Wu a few days ago, and he didn't mention this to me."

                No one dared to say anything.

                Fifth Master Xue attached extreme importance to Huo Hua, and it was common for the Crown Prince to go to dinner with Fifth Master Xue, this was definitely not bragging.

                Scar begged bitterly, and only then did the Crown Prince let him go.

                Prince: "Let me ask you, the man on the mountain, who is it?"

                Scar cried, "Prince, I ...... really don't know."

                "I'm with Master Gu of Hangzhou Province, this matter, Master Gu personally ordered it down."

                "Even Master Gu is following in the mountains, this big man, his identity is really not simple."

                The crowd at the scene all drew in a breath of cold air.

                Master Gu of Hangzhou Province, that was a real big brother-level figure in Hangzhou Province.

                In Hangzhou Province, Master Gu's status was no worse than that of the Ten Great Families.

                Such a big shot was only working for someone as a follower, what kind of status did the man on the mountain have, anyway?

                For his part, the prince brushed his mouth in disdain, "Forget it, I guess you don't know what's going on either."

                "Get out of the way, I'll go up the mountain myself and have a good look!"

                Scar and the others hurriedly moved out of the way, and the crowd went straight up the mountain.

                Seeing them go far away, Scar hurriedly took out a walkie-talkie and sent a signal to the people on the mountain.

                Lin Mo walked with the prince, rounding a few hillsides, when Lin Mo suddenly stopped.

                He looked at a few medicine farmers, "A few of you, it's already this time, you can tell the truth now!"

                The crowd was astonished, and the Crown Prince said curiously, "Little Linzi, what is it?"

                Lin Mo said slowly, "The strange medicine on this mountain, was it really planted by your ancestors?"

                Several medicine farmers' faces changed slightly, and Fatty Wang hurriedly said, "Definitely!"

                "We have been picking medicine inside this mountain for generations, our ancestors, inside this mountain, planted many medicinal herbs."

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "Is that so?"

                "If this strange medicine was planted by your ancestors, and it is in such a remote location, then how could anyone else come here to seal off the mountain to pick medicine?"

                Fatty Wang said awkwardly, "This ...... is because there was a traitor within our clan who leaked the secret of this strange medicine, so ...... that's why it incurred such a calamity ......"

                Lin Mo's face was cold as he said in a deep voice, "Fatty Wang, it's already this time and you're still lying to me again?"

                "You guys, do you not want to walk out of this mountain forest alive?"