Medical Genius Chapter 1264

 The prince's eyes widened, "Holy shit, you can even analyze this?"

                "It looks like I'll have to follow you when it comes time to enter the mountain!"

                Fatty also had a shocked plus excited face, he suddenly realised that finding Lin Mo had been a very good decision.

                Compared to the other few groups of people, Lin Mo was much more professional.

                Lin Mo glanced at the crown prince, "If you ask me, you should stop following the blind hustle."

                "This is no fun!"

                The crown prince disdained, "Don't worry, my uncle has arranged more powerful bodyguards for me this time, you definitely won't be able to beat them."

                Lin Mo was speechless, he really couldn't compete with the Prince's thick family background.

                "By the way, after you enter the mountain, you have to be careful and watch out."

                "This man said the word dragon before he died, I suspect that the guardian beast should be a poisonous snake taking shape."

                "Poisonous snakes are good at sneak attacks, there might be danger in the dark, so be careful."

                Lin Mo said.

                The next day after breakfast, the group packed up and set off into the mountains.

                Along with them were a dozen or so medicine farmers from this village.

                Seeing how lightly these medicine farmers were packing, an imperceptible light flashed in Lin Mo's eyes.

                He knew that these people, Fatty Wang, had not told them the truth.

                However, Lin Mo did not alarm the snake.

                These medicine farmers had their plans, and Lin Mo also had his own plans.

                And not long after Lin Mo and the others entered the mountain, a few more cars drove up near the village.

                Inside the cars were none other than Song Ruize and the others.

                Compose Zun was also sitting inside, but he now had white hair and looked as if he was an old man in his seventies.

                Next to him, sat the short and fat Qin Wuyi.

                The injuries on Qin Wu Pardon's body had completely recovered, which was due to Compulsion Zun's hand in helping him to heal.

                The Companions were not only experts in the use of companions, but also in the use of medicine.

                "I've already checked, Lin Zhaoge has gone to Guangyang City."

                "Now, Lin Mo is the one who went into the mountain alone."

                "Although there is the Crown Prince following him, those few bodyguards around the Crown Prince can't even compare to Lin Zhaoge."

                "We just need to enter the mountain and find an opportunity, we can definitely kill him!"

                Song Ruize gritted his teeth and said.

                Compose Zun slowly nodded, an icy glint in his eyes as he slowly rose to his feet.

                "I let him escape last time at Wu Zhai, this time, I'll definitely take his dog's life!"

                The compulsion zun said through clenched teeth.

                He had truly suffered a great loss from Lin Mo, even the Immortality Compulsion had been partially bitten off by him, making him hate Lin Mo to the bone!

                Qin Wuyi even didn't even say anything, and directly got up and went into the mountain.

                He had already taken revenge for the death of several of his disciples at Wu Zhai!


                Lin Mo and the others had been walking in the mountains for three days and still hadn't reached their destination.

                The prince was a little annoyed: "Hey, Fatty Wang, how much longer will it take to get there?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Soon."

                Fatty Wang glanced at Lin Mo in surprise.

                Just as Lin Mo had said, they were indeed almost at their destination, but how did Lin Mo know that?

                The prince was surprised: "How do you know?"

                Lin Mo: "Don't you feel that it's getting hotter and hotter?"

                The prince shook his clothes, "You don't say, it's really hot."

                "But what does it matter?"

                Lin Mo said helplessly, "The place where the Seven Leaf Fire Lotus grows is usually inside volcanic rock."

                "Moreover, the environment nearby must be particularly hot."

                "I reckon that we should have arrived near a volcanic crater."

                It dawned on the prince, "So that's how it is!"

                "Hey, Fatty Wang, are we almost there?"

                Fatty Wang nodded and pointed to a high mountain in the distance, "Here, it's right there."

                The crowd was overjoyed and hurried forward to get there.

                Who knew that just as they ran to the bottom of this mountain, a group of people came out of the woods.

                "This place, it has been cordoned off!"

                "No one is allowed to enter!"